IPhone 12 “situation has changed”, a message came, fruit powder “hard to accept”!

With the advent of 5g era, major mobile phone companies have begun to compete on 5g track. No matter in the field of 5g flagship or in the middle end 5g “walking machine” market, the competition among domestic mobile phone enterprises such as Huawei and Xiaomi has entered a white hot stage. However, only one enterprise has shown “arrogance and rashness”, which is apple! < / P > < p > after Apple released the iPhone 11, cook explained that the iPhone 11 did not have 5g functions. “5g is a bit ahead of time. Both the chip and the network are not mature enough to support a high-quality product”! But the reason is very clear. This is the “century patent war” between apple and Qualcomm! However, the market will not accompany Apple’s exercise, and apple has to announce a settlement with Qualcomm to seek win-win results! < / P > < p > in the absence of 5g flagship phones for a year, in order to boost the sales of iPhone, cook used the strategy of “price reduction marketing” which has been tried and tried repeatedly to push the sales of iPhone to new heights! Now it has been a year since the 4G version of the iPhone 11 was released. Apple’s next-generation flagship iPhone, the iPhone 12, is about to be launched. Because this is Apple’s first 5g mobile phone, the release of the iPhone 12 has attracted a lot of media and consumer attention. < / P > < p > recently, news about the iPhone 12 has been pouring in, and the most noticeable issue is the issue of the release date, product model and price of the iPhone 12. Recently, news has been heard from John Prosser, an overseas source, and Dutch operators that Apple’s iPhone 12 launch has been decided and will be held on October 13. At that time, the iPhone 12 series will be officially unveiled, and Apple will open its pre-sale on October 16. < p > < p > both Apple’s iPad and Mac have mini models. Since the iPhone 12 screen is only 5.6 inches, it’s OK to give him a “mini” title. In terms of configuration, it is learned that although the iPhone 12 Mini is equipped with the 14 generation processor of TSMC’s 5nm technology, it is not Apple’s A-Series processor, but Apple’s B14 processor. How can Apple come from the B-series Processor? In fact, B-series processor is also known as “residual blood version” A14, that is, “the main frequency is cut off, the core is locked”! As we all know, TSMC is the world’s top chip manufacturer, but the improvement of the yield depends on the large number of orders from Huawei, Qualcomm, apple and other chip companies. As the first batch of apple to release the 5nm process, some products with “just passed” product quality will inevitably appear in the manufacturing process. As apple strictly controls the product quality, these chips will be sold by apple As a B-series processor, it also has some restrictions. However, thanks to Apple’s IOS system, even if the B14 processor has been “hacked”, its performance is not inferior. < p > < p > according to the news, the price of the iPhone 12 Mini is $699, and the price of RMB including tax is about 5500 yuan. As for fruit powder, the iPhone 12 with “residual blood version” starting from 5500 yuan can barely receive it. However, a message comes from the iPhone 12, which changes the situation! According to Tom forte, an overseas analyst, the recently exposed iPhone 12 Mini is likely to be Apple’s legendary iPhone 12 se that only supports 4G features. With a high price of 5500 yuan, starting with a 4G mobile phone with “the main frequency is cut off and the core is locked”, fruit powder is bound to be difficult to accept! < / P > < p > however, it is reported that in addition to the 14th generation processor of TSMC’s 5nm technology, the iPhone 12 Mini will also adopt the “brand new” and “nostalgic” metal frame 4S classic shape, and the full screen OLED material. With a slight limitation in performance, it can also reduce the power consumption of the phone and ensure the phone’s service life. Perhaps the brand positioning of the iPhone 12 Mini is different, aiming to solve the problem of single hand operation for female and small hand users. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?