IPhone 12 sold out of stock, Apple CEO said, there are still surprises at the end of the year!

Only iphone12 and iphone12 were sold in the early stage of the iPhone 12 series Because the display screen and battery of the two models of Pro are almost the same, the relatively low price iPhone 12 has become a flagship phone with high cost performance. The starting price of the iPhone 12 is 6299 yuan, but this price can only buy 64GB storage version. Consumers need to pay 700 yuan to buy 128GB version. < / P > < p > naturally, the iPhone 12 is an upgraded version of iPhone 11. Compared with the iPhone 11, which starts at 5499 yuan, the initial price of the iPhone 12 is 800 yuan higher. However, Xiaozhai believes that the price increase is reasonable. After all, the cost of internal components of the machine increases significantly when upgrading from 4G mobile phones to 5g mobile phones. What are the changes of iPhone 12 compared with iPhone 11? Xiaozhai thinks that there are two major changes. First, the iPhone 12 adopts a new OLED screen, and its comprehensive quality is almost the same as that of the iPhone 12 The screen of Pro is the same; the previous iPhone 11 used LCD screen. Compared with LCD screen, OLED screen can make the machine thinner and more colorful. In addition, due to the characteristics of OLED screen, it can save more power than LCD screen under black background. < / P > < p > the second point is the addition of 5g function. Before, all iPhones did not support 5g network, and the iPhone 12 was the first 5g smart phone owned by Apple company. Perhaps because the iPhone 12 supports 5g, this machine was snapped up by consumers after it came into the market. I found that many users had delayed delivery of iphone12 and iphone12 Pro purchased on the official website. < / P > < p > in the offline channel, the iPhone 12 Pro is still in short supply. The price of this machine is much higher than that of the iPhone 12, but the running memory of the machine is as high as 6GB, which is the top configuration on the iPhone Pro also uses a new three camera lens module. All three lenses support night scene mode, and adopts a larger aperture design. The camera strength is much stronger than the previous generation of machines. < / P > < p > in addition to iphone12 and iphone12 pro, the supply chain also needs to provide apple with the components of iphone12 mini and iphone12 Pro max, so it may be the busiest period of time for the whole supply chain. The CEO of Apple indicated in a conference call a few days ago that he was very confident in the iPhone 12 and was also trying to solve the problem of product supply. < / P > < p > the popular color matching of iPhone 12 has been out of stock, and consumers can only wait for a while if they want to buy it. Otaku speculates that if Apple wants to completely solve the production capacity problem, it may need to wait until the beginning of next year. Interestingly, apple CEO Cook said that there will be a surprise at the end of this year, and foreign media speculate that Apple may launch its own A-Series by the end of this year Column chip of MAC. < / P > < p > although the iPhone 12 in the channel has fallen below the listing price, according to the previous law, the iPhone sales after the price reduction will increase greatly; if no accident, the iPhone 12 will become one of the most popular smartphones this year; so, do you think the iPhone 12 will be fragrant this year? Older posts →