IPhone 12: sorry, I may have let you down

I have to admit that the iPhone is indeed the most powerful mobile phone. As an international factory, Apple has a strong comprehensive strength. Just looking at the performance that we are most concerned about, Apple’s processors of each generation can hang up the Android flagship of the same period, and then cooperate with IOS system to make the advantages of iPhone more obvious. That’s why Apple has so many users and so many people are looking forward to the iPhone 12. Before that, everyone thought Apple would bring a brand new iPhone 12 at its launch in September, but this time, apple restrained At the press conference, only the product lines of iPad and apple watch were updated. As for mobile phones, apple did not mention a word, so this conference undoubtedly disappointed many people. But there are also the latest news that the iPhone 12 is bound to arrive in October. < / P > < p > during this period of time, some specific information about iPhone 12 has been continuously spread out. The first is the performance performance that we are most concerned about. The running score of this mobile phone has been entered into the Angora database. According to the information released by Angou rabbit, the running score of a suspected iPhone 12 Pro Max product is 572333, including 167527 CPU score, 222071 GPU score, 100808 MEM score and 81927 UX score! < / P > < p > What’s more, this mobile phone still uses 6GB of memory + 128GB of storage, which should be the first 6GB memory model in the history of iPhone. The processor of the iPhone 12 series is naturally the A14 chip that appeared on the iPad air before. It is manufactured in 5nm process. Apple officially compares it with the previous chip: it is 40% higher than the A12 chip. Note that Apple has played a bit of caution here. It seems that it has increased by 40%, but it chooses A12 to compare In other words, apple knows that A14 is not much better than A13. < / P > < p > according to insiders, the performance of A14 is improved by about 16.7% compared with a13cpu, while that of GPU is only about 8%, which is the lowest performance improvement of Apple processor. However, the performance of this processor is still very strong. < / P > < p > if you think the performance is not a problem, then let’s take a look at the screen and battery. Apple has used the big bang screen for a long time. In contrast, with Android today, all kinds of comprehensive screen designs have been popularized, and Apple’s bangs are really a bit out of date < / P > < p > but now the big battery and fast charging of Android phones have been arranged. Apple is still constantly reducing the battery capacity. You should know, 5g power consumption is still very high, and Apple’s reduction of battery capacity will also affect the endurance performance. As a result, the entire iPhone 12 series will not have a high refresh rate. < p > < p > overall, the performance of the iPhone 12 series is completely acceptable, but the big bangs, small batteries, and no high brush screen are somewhat disappointing. In addition, the iPhone 12 will also cancel the standard charger Now I just hope that apple can give you a real price. Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year