IPhone 12 will be released soon, fruit powder: this price is hard to refuse!

Apple mobile phone has always had a large market in China. This is because the quality of the mobile phone is really excellent, and many black technologies are not available on other mobile phones. Therefore, even if the price is high, many small partners rush to buy new products every year. By this year, the iPhone 12 series has been launched. It is expected that a total of four new products will be launched this time. Although there is no official meeting with you, the basic configuration has been disclosed. After carefully understanding the configuration of the four mobile phones, the author thinks that the iPhone 12 Mini should become a popular one. Next, Xiaobian will give you a detailed explanation of why you have the most confidence in this mobile phone. < / P > < p > first of all, its price is too attractive. When the iPhone 11 was launched last year, it was priced at 5499 yuan. This price is relatively normal among the prices over the years, and it has not changed much. However, it was still 4G configuration at that time. This year’s new iPhone 12 has added 5g baseband. < / P > < p > the price should have been raised a lot under normal circumstances, but the brand showed enough sincerity and chose the same price as last year’s iPhone 11, that is, 5499 yuan. In all aspects of the configuration has been improved, the price can still remain in place, which is equivalent to giving a discount or even reducing the price. So I believe that fruit powder will definitely be interested in this product. < / P > < p > followed by chip update. Last year’s iPhone was equipped with A13 chip, which didn’t perform very well in terms of fluency, but this year it was upgraded to A14 processor. Although this chip is not the strongest in the market, it is undoubtedly a great improvement compared with the last chip, so the fluency is definitely improved. At the same time, the system with this mobile phone is also more powerful, because it is equipped with the new ios14. From this point of view, I believe this mobile phone will become a big reason for many users to choose it. Finally, the network signal is strengthened. Many friends who like this iPhone have a big problem. Although other aspects are excellent enough to dump other brands of mobile phones for several blocks, the signal aspect is really poor. Many times they even have problems with calling signals. This is a very painful thing for modern people, because no signal is like losing contact with the outside world, which is very inconvenient in many cases, whether it is work or contact with family. < / P > < p > obviously, cook has realized the seriousness of this problem, so he chose to cooperate with Qualcomm this year to realize 5g Internet access with the help of x55 baseband. This year’s signal modules will all be updated to the products of Qualcomm, which will guarantee the mobile phone signal to a certain extent. < / P > < p > introduces the highlights of this product, but also its shortcomings. In terms of other configurations, this phone is basically the same as the iPhone 11 launched last year. It can be said that it completely follows the configuration of the previous product. However, the controversial charging aspect has not changed much. Although the charging power has been raised to 20W, there will be no free charging head this year, and there is no big change in the power reserve. < / P > < p > this mobile phone has bright spots and disadvantages, but it is still worth starting with in general, so I think: this mobile phone is likely to become a popular style this year. What do you think about that? Huawei mate40 concept machine exposed, Kirin 1020 + curved surface full-scale screen, beauty hanging on iPhone 12

Author: zmhuaxia