IPhone 12 will be released soon. Is it worth buying iPhone 11 now?

With the passage of time, the iPhone 12 series is finally about to be released. However, with more and more news about iPhone 12 exposed from various major channels, we have basically mastered the basic information of this new machine. Many people are disappointed, especially the lack of high-speed screen, which is a bit shabby. Apple, as the leader of the smartphone industry for so many years, actually showed a little “not wanting to make progress” this time. Of course, the arrival of the iPhone 12 will certainly affect Apple’s models on sale. Although the iPhone 11 can be regarded as a generation of price performance magic machine, it has also ushered in price reduction again recently. It’s clear that consumers’ desire to buy the iPhone 11 has been greatly reduced during this period, and apple can only attract customers by reducing the price. At present, iPhone 11 has set a new low price in many e-commerce platforms. Among them, the most cost-effective 128G version has basically maintained its price below 4600. However, many netizens said that it is not worth starting now. First of all, the biggest reason is that the iPhone 12 is about to be released. After the release of this mobile phone, the iPhone 11 series will definitely have a greater price reduction. Now it’s only half a month before the official launch. Do you think it’s necessary to buy the iPhone 11 at this price? < / P > < p > more importantly, under the impact of the current Android flagship, the iPhone 11 around 4600 seems to have no obvious advantages, and even has many disadvantages. In particular, on 5g, almost all Android models with the same price are 5g mobile phones, while iPhone 11 is still 4G network. As we all know, the signal stability of 11 is not good, and there must be no signal when entering the elevator or parking lot. The next iPhone 12 will not only support 5g, but will definitely improve the signal with a new baseband. < / P > < p > for various reasons, most netizens are not optimistic about the iPhone 11 at this stage. In fact, Shi Chen also thinks that the comprehensive experience of domestic android flagship mobile phones has become very excellent, and there is no need for us to focus on apple when purchasing. Today, Android has a full screen, high brush, 120W charging, and even off screen camera technology, which is more worth experiencing. < / P > < p > of course, if you’re used to Android and want to have a taste of the iPhone, iPhone 11 is really a very cost-effective Apple model. gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?

Author: zmhuaxia