IPhone 12 with the rabbit running first exposure, performance squeeze toothpaste and five dregs, no chance of 120Hz screen

Apple did not appear in the fall 2020 launch, but the information about the iPhone 12 series is still ongoing. On September 17, a new device named iPhone 13,4 was found in antutou’s background, which should be one of the iPhone 12 series. However, it has been recognized that the screen resolution is 2688 × 1242, which is consistent with the resolution of iPhone 11 Pro max. therefore, it can be preliminarily judged that this machine is likely to be the iPhone 12 Pro Max prototype to be released soon. < / P > < p > in comparison, the total score of iPhone 12 Pro Max was only 9.12% higher than that of the previous generation, and only the CPU score of each sub module was improved by 16.71%. Other sub scores were slightly improved or decreased slightly. This kind of performance improvement can be called the “five dregs” of toothpaste battle. No wonder Apple’s official use of A12 processor for comparison, CPU performance improved by 40%, GPU performance improved by 20%. It can be seen from the identification information of Angora rabbit that the machine is equipped with 6G memory and 128G flash memory. The iPhone 11 Pro Max is equipped with 4G memory and 64g flash memory. There is no 128G flash memory specification. From this point of view, the memory of the new generation iPhone 12 Pro Max has been upgraded to 6GB, and the initial flash memory has been upgraded to 128G. < / P > < p > in addition, it is speculated that the engineering prototype of the iPhone 12 Pro Max should be involved in the test, which is different from the commercial mass production model. It can only be used as a general reference. Although the system optimization of the mass production model will be better, judging from the running score of the prototype, people can’t feel the high performance experience brought by 5nm technology. In terms of performance, A14 processor really squeezed toothpaste once. However, A14 uses the most advanced 5nm process. Since the performance improvement is not as expected, A14 should be better controlled in terms of power consumption. This may be due to the battery shrinkage, the iPhone 12 series to make a compromise in order to continue. In addition, although the score is not satisfactory, but with Apple’s optimization ability, the system fluency of iPhone 12 series is no doubt. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?