IPhone 12: you’re a disappointment!

Not long ago, apple held a new product launch and brought four products in one breath. Although the iPhone 12 series was not released, the iPad air 4, which launched A14 at the conference, was very exciting. Before it appeared, people were full of expectations for the performance of A14 and were also curious about the new 5nm process chip. In addition to Apple A14, the next Kirin 990 chip will also be built in 5nm process, with tens of billions of transistors. Both performance and power performance will be significantly improved. Although the release of iPhone 12 is delayed, the enthusiasm of netizens is ignited again! However, apple seemed to play a word game at the press conference. Instead of comparing the data of Apple A14 and A13, apple compared it with A12 the year before last! Although Apple’s move highlights the powerful performance improvement space of A14, it still helps to break the mystery of data sensitive fruit powder. If the performance of A14 is 40% higher than that of A14, the improvement space of A14 over A13 is only about 16%. After all, A13 was 20% better than A12 at that time. Coincidentally, atutou picked out the iPhone running points with A14 in the background today. < / P > < p > first, the design framework of Apple’s A14 chip was analyzed. It adopted a new six core design and supported 16 core neural network units. Its AI computing power was greatly improved, which helped to improve the system’s computing efficiency and camera algorithm, but the CPU and GPU were not significantly improved, antutou said The device No.13 and No.4 is suspected to be iPhone 12 Pro max, which uses 6GB memory + 128GB. The comprehensive score is 572333. The specific CPU score is 167527, the GPU score is 222071, the MEM score is 100808, and the UX score is 81927. This means that the iPhone 12 series has entered the 6GB era, which is a milestone improvement! < / P > < p > based on this set of data, the comprehensive running points of this iPhone 12 Pro are only increased by 9.1%, CPU running points are increased by 16.7% and GPU running points are increased by 3.6% compared with iphone12 pro, and the UX score is decreased, so the performance improvement space of iPhone 12 is limited. But considering that it is the external high pass 5g baseband, the data will be better under the cooperation of dual chips. Although Apple’s IOS and Android phones are not comparable in running point data, from the numerical point of view, after optimization, the snapdragon 865 has achieved a breakthrough of 600000 running points. So, isn’t the running score of Apple A14 worse than that of the 7Nm Qualcomm snapdragon 865? < / P > < p > I can’t help feeling when I see the fruit powder here. This time, A14 is squeezing toothpaste again! In addition, the UX score in the Angora database is very common, which means that it uses a 60 Hz screen. It is really disappointing to calculate that the iPhone 12 Pro Max will not even support a refresh rate of 120 Hz! Although the score data is not perfect, the other configuration of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is still very strong, with a screen resolution of 2688 × 1242, and the image quality is still quite delicate. The iPhone 12 series supports dual-mode 5g network, and the initial storage is expected to increase to 128GB. For the first time, the whole series supports fast charging technology, especially the high configuration version of laser focusing lens will become the highlight! According to the latest reports from foreign media, the starting price of the iPhone 12 series will be $699, and the price of the whole series will basically remain at the same level as last year. However, the newly added 5g network and better lenses are still “no price increase” in the eyes of the majority of fruit fans, but the running points are really disappointing. Are you satisfied? Science Discovery