IPhone 12mini parameter exposure! Hundreds of millions of fruit powder feel lost, netizen: I don’t buy this price

At present, Apple has not released the iPhone 12 series mobile phones at the new product launch conference, and for the release of Apple’s new products, the outside world is mainly looking forward to the iPhone 12. According to the current media exposure, the release date of the iPhone 12 series mobile phones is October 13, while the iPhone 12 sales date is October 16. In addition, the media also said that Apple will take the lead in releasing the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12, while the iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 promax will be delayed. However, the iPhone 12mini, which will be the first to be released, has been exposed, and the hardware parameters and its price are totally mismatched. < / P > < p > some media have exposed the hardware parameter configuration of the iPhone 12mini. The iPhone 12mini will adopt a 5.4-inch OLED material screen and the design of Liu Hai screen. However, the thickness of the iPhone 12mini is only 8.1 mm, the screen size is small and the thickness is thin. Therefore, the battery capacity of the iPhone 12mini is only 2227ma, which is nearly 1000mA less than the 3110ma of the iPhone 11, and only a little more than the battery capacity of the second generation iPhone. In addition, the iPhone 12mini also supports IP68 waterproof, and the price is about 5000 yuan. In addition, the iPhone 12mini will be equipped with the latest Apple A14 processor and two rear cameras. There are also reports that the iPhone 12mini will not support 5g networks, but only 4G networks. At present, the iPhone 12mini is a cheap version of the iPhone 12. In fact, the main selling point is that it is equipped with Apple’s latest 5-nanometer A14 bionic processor. Other hardware parameters can be seen from existing mobile phones such as iPhone 11. It can be said that there is almost no new technology on the iPhone 12 Mini except for performance enhancement. < / P > < p > it has been announced that the iPhone 12mini will be equipped with the residual blood version of Apple A14 processor, but I think this news is completely ridiculous. Originally, as a mid-range mobile phone, the iPhone 12mini has no distinctive selling points, and the only bright spot is Apple’s latest A14 bionic processor, which also conforms to Apple’s market layout for mobile phones. But imagine if the iPhone 12 MINI has a completely different processor from the iPhone 12, will Apple develop a separate processor for the iPhone 12 mini? And will anyone buy an iPhone 12mini without an apple A14 bionic Processor? Not to mention that the performance improvement of A14 processor is only 16% higher than that of A13 processor. Is it necessary to make a remnant version of A14 Processor? However, at present, the performance of the hardware parameters of the iPhone 12mini is not so good. If the comprehensive price reaches 5000 yuan, it is better to buy Huawei and Xiaomi mobile phones. In a word, if there is no new selling point for the iPhone 12mini, the price of 5000 yuan is really too expensive to buy! Do you think I’m right? gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?