IPhone 12pro concept map: imitating Huawei p40pro, apple compromises to curved screen?

The appearance design of Android phones is becoming more and more beautiful, and it is developing towards a true and comprehensive screen. However, the appearance design of Apple mobile phones is still in place and continues to adopt the Liu Hai screen. But there is one thing to be praised: today, when curved screens are rampant, the iPhone still insists on rejecting curved screens. However, recently released a set of iPhone 12 Pro concept maps, which were very disappointing. It seems to compromise to the curved screen. The front and rear fuselage are arc-shaped structures. Although the bangs are cut off, the curved screen pill screen is adopted, which seems to be imitating Huawei p40pro. < / P > < p > first of all, let’s take a look at the screen design of this iPhone 12pro. Hyperbolic screens are very popular now, almost to the point of flooding. With the use of time, you can clearly feel the shortcomings of curved screen, that is, easy to take off, inconvenient film, falling on the ground is easy to break, there is a wrong touch. In fact, there is a reason why Apple insisted on rejecting 3D curved screen a few years ago. It has always been a 2.5D curved screen. If Apple compromises to the curved screen, it will lose its original simple and gorgeous design style. Losing its own characteristics at the same time, it also brings unnecessary trouble. For apple, which pays attention to user experience, should reject curved screen. < / P > < p > in addition to the curved border, the punch on the forehead is very spicy. The design is similar to Huawei p40pro, but it is more practical, that is, the front single lens and 3D face recognition components are integrated here. Increased the proportion of the screen, cut off the ugly bangs. The function has been retained, but the overall appearance has not been improved. If you use a similar design, it’s easy to make complaints about HUAWEI P40Pro. Even if the screen specification is high, it is difficult to make the fruit powder accept just the appearance and plagiarism. And the jaw is big enough to “almost stay on an aircraft carrier”! < / P > < p > since the iPhone 11 pro, Yuba frames have become standard. Although it is 3 lenses, the strength of taking photos has been greatly improved. Through the algorithm combined with the machine learning performance of a series chips, the deep fushion is adopted, and the light source can take pictures with less noise in various environments. < / P > < p > the iPhone 12pro is upgraded on the deep fusion function, equipped with four lenses, and at the same time, it improves the aperture area sensor and absorbs more light. The photos taken in this way can improve the exposure of the scene and control the noise. < / P > < p > the appearance design of this iPhone 12pro has few bright spots, instead, it has many slot points. Hardware has become the last selling point. In addition to the camera function, the CPU and GPU performance of A14 bionic chipset are worth looking forward to. Apple has always been ahead of Android in terms of processor. This year, the new 5g base band of snapdragon will be added, and the signal will be significantly improved. But the capacity of the battery may be disappointed. It will shrink by less than 3000 Ma just to control the cost. The memory may be upgraded to 6G, with 128G of storage space. These configurations are in line with the Android flagship. < / P > < p > in terms of cost, in addition to the shrinking battery, the iPhone 12pro has no charger and headset cable, which need to be purchased separately. As a result, the price of the iPhone 11 Pro will not go up too much, but then again, if Apple really releases such a real machine with no bright spots in its appearance, will Apple fans still want to buy it? ASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year