IPhone 12pro: front and rear 8 cameras, bangs cut off, lens zoom

After Apple released the iPhone series at present, the invariable appearance design still disappoints many fruit powder, so the decline of Apple mobile phone sales has a lot to do with the invariable appearance design. If Apple has a major external change, will it increase the sales of the next generation of iPhone 12? Foreign media released a set of conceptual renderings of iPhone 12 pro, in which the appearance design of iPhone 12 Pro has undergone significant changes.

great changes have taken place in the appearance design of the iPhone 12pro screen. In particular, the screen of the iPhone 12pro has been cut off, and the display effect of the whole screen is very complete. And the iPhone 12pro screen resolution will also be upgraded to 2K, while the screen refresh rate of 120 Hz, the display effect is still very good.

although the design of Liu Haiping screen was cut off by the iPhone 12pro, in fact, the iPhone 12pro did not give up the front camera and face recognition module, but adopted a completely different design concept. The front camera and face recognition module of iPhone 12pro are all designed in the telescopic lens, and the number of front cameras is upgraded to four. At the same time, the unlocking of face recognition is completely dependent on the four front cameras.

for the design of the back of the body, the iphone12pro is also a complete piece. The square lens module of the previous generation of iphone11 series mobile phones has completely disappeared on the iphone12pro, and there is no rear camera on the back of the iPhone 12pro. In fact, the rear camera module of the iPhone 12 Pro still exists, and the rear camera component is still designed in the telescopic lens module.

the number of rear cameras of the iPhone 12pro is also four, and it is designed on the left and right sides around a flash. The number of four rear cameras is not much for the iPhone 12 pro, because the number of rear cameras of the iPhone 11 series has reached 3, so it is normal for the iPhone 12 pro to upgrade the number of rear cameras to 4. It is said that the main lens of the rear camera of the iPhone 12 Pro will be upgraded to 48 million pixels, and the photo taking ability will be improved significantly.

the interior of the iPhone 12pro will use Apple’s latest A14 processor, which is a processor manufactured with 5 nm technology, with higher performance improvement and lower power loss. In addition, the iPhone 12 Pro will be equipped with a new two-way wireless charging technology, which can charge other apple devices wirelessly in reverse.

do you like the appearance design and hardware parameter design of iPhone 12pro in concept rendering? If the iPhone 12 Pro is launched according to the design in the concept rendering, will you support it and buy it in the first time?

Author: zmhuaxia