IPhone 12pro re exposure, super screen + A14 + superlinear display, beauty and strength coexist

With the development of smart phones, domestic mobile phones with excellent product quality and affordable prices finally won the favor of the people, and won a place in the fierce market competition, which is very worthy of praise for domestic mobile phones. The rapid rise and growth of domestic mobile phones has brought a huge impact on Apple’s iPhone, so that the performance of iPhone in China’s mobile phone market in recent two years is somewhat inadequate. As we all know, iPhone is one of the most competitive products in the high-end mobile phone market, and it is also one of the favorite products of many people. The reason why iPhone attracts people’s attention is that iPhone has unique IOS system and powerful hardware performance. However, with the rapid development of domestic mobile phones in recent years, the market position of iPhone has been challenged unprecedentedly. So if the iPhone wants to reverse the current predicament, it is necessary to come up with some more competitive products in the future. Recently, a group of iPhone 12pro concept drawings have been exposed on the Internet. The appearance design of the machine is very bright, and the hardware configuration has also been greatly improved. Let’s have a look! < / P > < p > iPhone 12pro re exposure! In terms of appearance design, according to the concept map exposed, this iPhone The difference between the 12pro and the previous generation is that the bangs in the screen area of the machine are smaller, and the border design is more extreme, which makes the screen share of the mobile phone further improved. In addition, Apple’s unique black edge treatment with equal width on all sides of the screen makes the front of the phone look much more delicate than that of the previous generation. In addition, the iPhone 12pro uses a 6.1-inch super screen. It is reported that this 6.1-inch super screen not only supports 1 billion color display technology, but also adds 120 Hz adaptive refresh rate technology. Therefore, the screen experience of the device will be greatly improved. < / P > < p > in the body design of the mobile phone, according to the exposed pictures, this iPhone 12pro adopts the classic fuselage design similar to the iPhone 4, and the sandwich fuselage structure design of glass + metal middle frame makes the whole mobile phone look very designed. In terms of camera, the iPhone 12pro adopts a rear four camera design, which continues the previous generation of “square” module design. This design is not only classic and durable, but also very harmonious with the whole back of the phone. In terms of parameters, it is reported that the camera adopts a four camera combination of 12 million + 12 million + 12 million + radar lens. If this is the case, I believe the camera experience will not let you down. < / P > < p > in terms of core hardware, it is reported that this iPhone 12pro will adopt Apple’s new generation A14 bionic chip. It is reported that Apple A14 will continue to be manufactured by TSMC, and more advanced 5nm will be used EUV technology and the new CPU architecture, it is reported that the comprehensive performance will be improved by about 40% compared with the previous generation. If this is the case, I believe that with the blessing of Apple A14, the core performance of the machine will be once again out of the way. In addition, the iPhone 12pro also has built-in super linear dual speakers. If this is the case, the addition of superlinear dual speakers will make the audio-visual entertainment experience of the machine more extreme. < / P > < p > beauty and strength coexist! With the development of smart phones, the appearance design and hardware design of mobile phones become more and more important. Therefore, a product with outstanding design and excellent performance is bound to get more support and attention. The iPhone 12pro, which is exposed above, has a more amazing overall design and a more handsome body design, which makes the whole mobile phone look more visual impact. The addition of Super Screen greatly improves the screen quality of the mobile phone, especially the support of core hardware such as apple A14 and superlinear dual speakers, which makes the comprehensive strength of the phone also usher in an overall improvement. If the above exposure of this iPhone 12pro is true, beauty and strength coexist! Finally, what do you think of the iPhone 12pro? Welcome to leave a message for discussion! Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?