IPhone 13 concept map: surround screen with 100% of the screen, only the back of the machine is not covered by the screen

Apple has never been disappointed in the disappointment, especially in the design, from the iPhone x to the upcoming iPhone 12, which uses the same design. The biggest change of iPhone 12 this year is to change the border into a three-dimensional brick style. Will there be any surprise for the iPhone 13 next year? Foreign media recently released a concept map of the iPhone 13. After reading it, I was shocked. The original mobile phone can also be designed in this way. The surround screen with 100% of the screen covers the whole body, only the back cover is reserved, and all the physical keys are cut off.

from Huawei mate30 pro, waterfall screen is close to surround screen from the design point of view. The iPhone 13 concept map design completely presents the surround screen. From the concept map, we can see that the screen spreads from the middle to the surrounding, wrapping the border together. The whole screen, not to mention black edges and bangs, is covered with volume keys, power keys, charging ports, speakers and microphones. The above functions are either virtual buttons or off-screen functions, but the face ID is cancelled, and the fingerprint unlocking under the screen is replaced by the third-generation ultrasonic principle.

the iPhone 13 adopts a surround screen design, and the biggest highlight is that it presents different visual effects. When playing the game, the screen will cover the whole mobile phone to achieve a real borderless full screen. At the same time, it also solves the problem of touching by mistake. The seventh generation Corning gorilla glass is used to improve the defects of curved border. At the same time, we can see the game with a high resolution of 120Hz.

the iPhone 13 concept is the real borderless full screen mobile phone, which hides multiple functions and cuts off physical keys. And the screen size is so powerful, beautiful and beautiful. If Apple designed this way, it would be more heroic than Huawei mate 30 Pro waterfall screen. But the biggest problem facing the screen design is mass production. After all, the screen covers the fuselage and frame, so the yield is difficult to guarantee. Even if it is produced, it needs to be very precise, and the cost will be higher.

only the back of the iPhone 13 is not covered by the screen. In fact, there is a straight design, which is in sharp contrast to the curved surface on the front of the screen. The back design is very simple, only the apple logo and Yuba frame. There are three lenses on the frame, which is a little different from that of the iPhone 11 pro. Because of the new radar laser scanner, in fact, this function can be seen from the iPhone 12 Pro this year. How powerful the function is will be known only after the real machine is released.

but the number of 3 lenses on the back of the iPhone 13 has not changed. The three lens design based on the iPhone 11 Pro is equipped with intelligent HDR and night scene mode, which is upgraded in the photographing algorithm. Moreover, with the support of A15 chip, machine learning will be more powerful. After 18 consecutive photos are taken, algorithm analysis is carried out, and the clearest parts of each part are fused together to reduce noise and improve exposure. In fact, this function is deep fusion adopted by iPhone 11 pro. In addition to the need for powerful processor GPU support, there are also photo algorithms.

the iPhone 13 concept image adopts a full screen surrounded by 100% of the screen, and only the back of the machine is not covered. If Apple did, it would be too radical. Whether from the process yield or cost, as well as Apple style, in recent years will not release such a phone. Therefore, you can only take entertainment as entertainment, do not take it seriously. Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction

Author: zmhuaxia