IPhone 13mini concept image: cut off the fingerprint under the screen to unlock, can you kill Huawei mate 40

The iPhone 12 series of mobile phones have been released. In this new type of iPhone 12 series mobile phones, the new iphone12mini is added. Although the iPhone 12mini has been released, it has not yet been released. As the successor of iPhone 12mini, if Apple releases the next generation, it should be named iPhone 13mini. Foreign media has released a set of conceptual renderings of iPhone 13mini. In this set of concept renderings, Liu Haiping of iPhone 13mini has been cut off, and the number of rear cameras has also been upgraded. < / P > < p > the iPhone 13mini’s frame will still be flat, and the resolution of the screen will be greatly improved, which is said to be upgraded to 2K resolution level. The most noticeable thing on the iPhone 13mini is that the screen of Liu Hai has been cut off, so the screen vision of the iPhone 13mini looks more open. What kind of design will be adopted to maintain the front camera and bio encryption technology after the iPhone 13mini cuts off the Liu Haiping screen? < / P > < p > after the Liuhai screen is cut off, the design scheme replaced by the iPhone 13mini is more direct and simple. The front camera component is designed in the upper frame of the screen, and the receiver part is also designed in the upper frame of the screen. Of course, the front camera and the face recognition module are designed with special design, so the size can be reduced, so that only the small area of the upper border can work normally. < / P > < p > in addition to the face recognition unlocking module, the iPhone 13mini will also be equipped with an off screen fingerprint recognition unlocking module, which means that the iPhone 13mini will be an iPhone equipped with dual biometric recognition and unlocking. In addition, it is said that the screen part of the iPhone 13mini will also be equipped with a 120 Hz refresh. This refresh is still automatically recognized and does not need additional selection settings. Automatic recognition automatically changes the refresh rate. < / P > < p > for the design of the body part of the iPhone 13mini, we can see that the rear lens module is still square, but the number of rear cameras is upgraded to four. The rear camera of iPhone 13mini is really four, because the size of these four cameras is the same. In addition, the iPhone 13mini will also support the operation of the stylus. Although the screen size of the iPhone 13mini is not very large, it will still support the operation of the stylus, which is a very convenient design for consumers who need to draw. < / P > < p > although the number of rear cameras on the iPhone 13mini has been upgraded to four, no accident, the four cameras will still be 12 megapixel lenses. At present, apple does not want to upgrade the hardware of the lens for the time being, but only wants to upgrade the camera effect through the optimization of software and hardware. In addition, the lidar of the iPhone 13mini’s radar laser scanning has been cancelled, and all four rear cameras will be used. Do you think the design of iPhone 13mini in concept rendering meets your requirements? If the iPhone 13mini is launched according to the design in the conceptual rendering, will you support it and buy it in the first time? Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”