IPhone or wechat? News from America! Don’t be in a dilemma any more!

In recent years, the development of China’s science and technology has posed a serious threat to the status of the “technology overlord” of the United States. In order to protect the “digital hegemony”, the United States has targeted the Chinese high-tech enterprises and put pressure on Chinese enterprises on the basis of “potential safety hazards”. Huawei, the leader in 5g field, is the first to be attacked. Huawei’s supply chain has been hit hard by the United States for many times, leading to the crisis of Huawei’s chips. After the United States “got it”, it launched sanctions against China’s Internet industry for the same reason. Recently, trump signed a decree announcing that it would prohibit us enterprises from conducting any transactions with wechat and its parent company 45 days later. < / P > < p > as soon as this news comes out, apple, the US mobile phone giant, will undoubtedly be in an awkward situation. Even if Apple is an American enterprise, it can not do without wechat in China. What’s more, the Chinese market is Apple’s main battlefield. “Choose apple or wechat” has become a “dilemma” for Apple users! “Wechat ban” has also become cook’s biggest headache, because Apple’s first 5g mobile phone iPhone 12 will be launched grandly. If there is no wechat in the app store, consumers are likely not willing to buy iphone12. The “wechat ban” in the United States will also end Apple’s iPhone business in China. However, on August 21, the United States suddenly received good news, and apple was “happy from heaven”! According to the U.S. media, the U.S. government is privately appeasing U.S. enterprises, including apple, and assured them that the “wechat ban” will not have a negative impact on their transactions in China, and wechat can still be used in China for normal transactions with wechat. As soon as this message comes out, users will no longer have to be in a dilemma about choosing iPhone and wechat. The upcoming iPhone 12 will also be saved! < / P > < p > as we all know, wechat is a “national” app in China. It is used everywhere, just like “power for life”. A research organization has accepted 1.2 million Chinese users to vote. The results show that 95% of people say that if wechat is disabled, they will use Android phones instead of giving up wechat! Therefore, if Apple takes off the wechat app due to the government order, the sales of iPhone will drop sharply, which will lead to consumers to start with Huawei, Xiaomi and other brands of mobile phones. This is not only helping the US economy, but also helping the US economy! We should know that Apple’s annual revenue is as high as one trillion yuan, making a significant contribution to the US GPD, while the Chinese market accounts for about 20% of Apple’s revenue. Trump, who can “collect” the “wool” of China’s Internet enterprises to promote economic development, will not punish himself or others! From this point of view, in the face of the pressure of the Chinese market, trump is also soft. However, we can also look at the problem from a different angle! < p > < p > wechat overseas version of Tencent wechat will be launched in Apple App on September 20 due to the government order Now, due to the pressure from the domestic market to American enterprises, trump began to placate apple and other enterprises, saying that China’s business would not be affected. This shows that the United States has given the initiative to Tencent. Whether Tencent’s wechat business wants to rush into the U.S. market, wechat has become a “trump card” in Tencent’s hands! Choose to reject wechat or Apple’s Chinese market? This is no longer a headache for netizens, but the biggest headache in the United States! 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!