IPhone out of date? The camera under the millet screen is coming. Is the third generation technology a surprise?

The era of mobile photography has undergone earth shaking changes. This is the result of the continuous upgrading of hardware and optimization algorithms by mobile phone manufacturers and supply chains. A few years ago, the iPhone, which was highly praised for mobile photography, played 8 million pixels and 12 million pixels at an ultra-high level. But now, too, the iPhone seems to be still in its infancy, while Xiaomi and Hua However, domestic manufacturers such as Wei, oppo and vivo have made great progress, which is mainly reflected in two aspects: one is the experience and effect of shooting, the other is the design of camera. < / P > < p > in terms of shooting experience and effect, you should also have seen a lot of evaluation comparison samples. The photos of flagship mobile phones of Xiaomi, Huawei and other brands are very good, and they are already ahead of the iPhone in many aspects. This has become a common cognition of many users. On the other hand, I think Apple should learn more. In the design of mobile camera, Android camp has changed many times, growing in constant exploration. < / P > < p > from the front of the forehead at the beginning, to the water drop screen, lifting camera, and hole digging screen, the mobile phone front camera of Android camp has achieved great changes, making the design of the camera more inconsistent, making the user experience to a higher level, and bringing a more extreme national screen experience. Now, after several generations of design innovation, the Android camp has ushered in a design turning point, bringing a new off screen camera. Today, Xiaomi company announced a high-profile event. Its third-generation off screen camera technology was announced, and it brought you the off screen camera version of Xiaomi 10’s supreme commemorative version. This is an engineering prototype. At present, I have many bloggers and media hands-on experience. From the official publicity videos and these videos and photos, Xiaomi is experiencing After the experience of the first two generations of off screen technology, the third generation of off screen camera is obviously very mature. This shows that Xiaomi has spent a lot of effort in the research and development and optimization of the third generation technology. < / P > < p > through the details of the actual pictures of the product, we can see that the under screen camera version of the xiao10 supreme Memorial edition has almost achieved 360 ° no dead angle hiding, and the hidden camera can be seen only at an inclined angle. A front camera is placed under the screen of the original hole digging camera position, which has been recognized as the best under screen Camera technology shows that Xiaomi’s success is worth more attention and praise. < / P > < p > and Xiaomi also generously admitted that the mass production of Xiaomi’s off screen camera technology will be improved in the next three months. Let’s look forward to the appearance of Xiaomi’s off screen camera production machine next year. Will it be shown on Xiaomi 11 / 12? Let’s wait and see < / P > < p > of course, you can also pay attention to the ZTE off screen camera mobile phone conference on September 1. At that time, we can have a comparison to see who is the leader of this technology, and which brand of off screen camera mobile phone do you expect more? Welcome to say it in the comments area= https://twhosting.com/category/internet/#boldwp -posts-wrapper target=_ blank>Skip to content