IPhone plus exposure, nearly 100% full screen, cheaper than apple 12!

The new iPhone 12 will soon be released next month. At present, foreign media reports say that it will be officially released on the 13th, which is just a few half a month. In addition to Apple mobile phones, there will be a screen player plus 8t and a camera King Huawei mate40 next month After the release of these three mobile phones, the smart phones in 2020 will basically come to an end, and there will be no special surprise 5g flagship, so it has become the preferred model for everyone to change their phones. But before the release of the iPhone 12, the next generation of iPhone plus was suddenly exposed, even more than the iPhone 12 in terms of selling points, which also raised the appetite of the majority of fruit powder! The price of iphone12 is lower than that of iphone12, but the price of iphone12 is lower than that of iPhone! IPhone plus: nearly 100% screen, cheap and good-looking. It should be pointed out that this year’s entry-level version of iPhone 12 is actually renamed as iphone12 mini, so the configuration is greatly reduced. The CPU is reduced to the residual blood version of B14, and does not support 120 Hz refresh rate. Even the headset charger is not included. Considering the positioning, the iPhone 12 Mini may only be provided with a 4G version. If it does not support 5g network, it may lose its selling point. It is better to wait for the iPhone plus for fruit powder evaluation! < / P > < p > foreign media reported that the iPhone eplus will remove the bangs screen design and change it into a full screen + side unlocking scheme. Excluding faceid, it means that the abrupt bangs will be removed. As a result, the proportion of integrated screens of iPhone eplus will be greatly increased, and even the vision of nearly 100% screen share is expected to be realized. In terms of processor, it is reported that the iPhone plus uses the full blood version of A14 processor, and its performance is directly benchmarked with the iPhone 12 pro, but the screen changes from OLED to LCD full screen, which supports 1080p resolution. If you have used the iPhone 11, you will find that the current apple phone with LCD screen is also thin and clear enough. From this point, we can infer that the image quality of iPhone eplus is trustworthy! < / P > < p > the most important thing is the price. The iPhone plus is positioned as a cheap entry-level flagship machine, and its price will be much cheaper than that of the iPhone 12 series. Given the pricing of the previous generation of iPhone, the iPhone plus will not exceed 5000. Judging from the release date, the iPhone plus is likely to be released in March to April next year, that is, about half a year. The fruit powder that pursues cost-effective can wait! At present, the mainstream platforms in China are also fond of iPhones. They often start to warm up when Apple’s new machine is not released, and even subsidize them crazily. In that year, the initial launch of iPhone fell below 3000. So it is speculated that iPhone plus will continue to surprise! < / P > < p > analysts believe that iPhone plus will also be the first step for apple to get rid of the bangs. After changing the new mold of the new iPad air4, it has abandoned the face ID unlocking on the iPad pro. The iPad air4 uses the touch ID side unlocking scheme, and effectively reduces the cost of about $5, which is also the iPhone E After reducing the material cost, the price of plus will eventually be fed back. Once Apple adopts the side fingerprint identification for the first time, it’s not far away to say goodbye to Liu Haiping. Then iPhone plus will also become the iPhone with the highest screen share, cheap and good-looking. Do you expect that? Science Discovery