IPhone sales are good, why are airpods down?

As we all know, iPhone 11 sales are good, Apple’s global smartphone market share is also the only one to remain basically stable, while other mobile phone manufacturers have shown varying degrees of decline. The change of global market share shows that Apple’s market share is still very stable. The company’s share of other parts should be stable. However, it is reported that Apple’s air pods market share has decreased. Normally, it should grow synchronously. After all, more and more iPhone users are using it. As Apple’s new products have eliminated the earphone hole, the number of people using airpods is right. < / P > < p > there are two possibilities for the market sales of airpods to decline. One is that users are not satisfied with the price of wireless earphones, so they are not willing to buy airpods as a big loser; the other is that there are still many products that can replace airpods in the wireless headset market, that is, the substitutes grab some market share of airpods. < / P > < p > as we all know, airpods defines the category of true wireless headphones. According to counterpoint research, Apple’s airpods sales accounted for nearly half of the wireless headset market in 2019 and are expected to grow to 82 million this year. But more affordable alternatives from Chinese competitors are increasingly threatening Apple’s lead. Today, Apple’s airpods market share is barely more than a third, to 35%; Xiaomi’s share is 10%; Samsung Electronics ranks third with 6%. < / P > < p > according to the statistics of strategy analytics, in 2019, airpods accounted for 50% of the total volume of TWS headphone market, accounting for 71% of the TWS sales share, which is undoubtedly the industry leader. In the wireless headset market, although airpods has a good share, we see more and more competitors’ products appear, and the price is more “beautiful”. In the overall situation of consumption this year, the price largely determines the trend of the wireless headset market. < / P > < p > the galaxy Budd live released by Samsung also has a good reputation in noise reduction, and the pod shaped design has a special charm. What’s more, the price is $170, which is much cheaper than the airpods pro. Samsung said that in the weeks before its launch, the shipment volume had reached 300000 pairs, and the market performance was still good. “The medium and low end markets, including Chinese brands and US manufacturers such as jlab, are eating into the high-end market,” says counterpoint, an analyst < / P > < p > in addition, there are a large number of Android phone users in the market. Their demand for wireless headphones is also very strong. The demand of these users for airpods Pro is very low. When they choose wireless headphones, they naturally rely on the products of Android mobile phone manufacturers. < p > < p > it is reported that there is a good market demand for earphone products in Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and other mobile phone markets. Especially with Samsung expanding its headset product line, the market expects that the company’s wireless headset sales volume will more than double this year, from 8 million to 17 million. Apple’s airpods series is expected to grow from 61 million to 82 million. < p > < p > according to the report of futuresource, the world’s TWS real wireless smart headphones are expected to ship 186 million pairs in 2020, with a year-on-year increase of 63.1%. IDC data also shows that Q1 shipment in 2020 will be about 20.91 million pairs, with a month on month growth rate of 11.7%. According to GfK calculation, the market size of TWS will exceed US $11 billion in 2020. This will enable the manufacturers entering Apple’s TWS supply chain to benefit from the continued growth of TWS. < / P > < p > with the cancellation of 3.5mm earphone hole design in smart phones and the continuous intellectualization of voice assistant, it also provides a good opportunity for the development of TWS headphones. With the advantages of cordless and portability of TWS earphones, as well as the gradual improvement of sound quality, delay and endurance, it is believed that more users will choose to start with TWS headsets in the future. With the increase of competitors, the product price will be more affordable. Will the price of airpods Pro also decline? Privacy Policy