IPhone sales increase 225% in China! Move to 8 Apple factories in India

So far, Apple has become the fastest growing smartphone manufacturer in the Chinese market in the second quarter. In China, Apple has made great achievements, but Apple has taken new actions. According to the latest news of Sina Technology on September 7, according to a number of Indian media reports, India’s minister of communications and information technology, Prasa, recently said that Apple has transferred about eight OEM factories from China to India, while Samsung has set up factories in India and will continue to expand its scale. At the same time, he said, India is emerging as a large manufacturing center, and global manufacturers seem to be aware of the importance of shifting production plants. According to Prasa, there were only two mobile phone factories in India in 2014, and now there are more than 250. Behind the increase, the country has launched a manufacturing incentive mechanism to attract global companies to build factories in India. According to the plan, incremental sales of locally produced goods in India will receive up to 6% of the government’s incentive over the next five years, and 25% for investment in the production of electronic components, semiconductors and other components. < / P > < p > in fact, Apple has started making iPhones in India, but it is not enough to meet the market demand. According to reports, Apple’s turnover in India in 2019 is $1.5 billion, of which iPhone sales are less than $1 billion. Apple has only a 2% – 3% share of the Indian smartphone market. < / P > < p > in addition, taking apple as an example, it is not so easy for apple to leave the Chinese factory. Professionals have pointed out that no one can produce 600000 iPhones a day without China. It is reported that Chinese suppliers account for 43.5% of all Apple’s suppliers, which are the basis for guaranteeing the production of 600000 iPhones in a day. Sina Finance and economics also pointed out last year that at present, apple only produces a small number of iPhones in India, but its production capacity is also very small. It may only produce about one million iPhones a year. In terms of Apple’s sales of nearly 200 million a year, it can be ignored. Science Discovery