Iphone12 middle frame hits face iPhone 4? Netizen: salute jobs, no problem!

In the second half of each year, the release of new iPhones will become a hot topic. Many partners will wonder why they pay so much attention to the news of apple instead of domestic brands such as Xiaomi, vivo and oppo. In fact, there is a key point. I don’t know if you have noticed that the new iPhones of Chinese brands are released frequently, and the gap between Series A and Series B is small, which is easy to use In contrast to Apple’s aesthetic fatigue, Apple will only hold two press conferences a year under normal circumstances, so it’s hard not to be ignored! < / P > < p > another problem is the sales volume. Although Huawei and Xiaomi have repeatedly crushed Apple’s annual sales in recent years, there is one problem that we can’t ignore: no matter which domestic brand it is, it relies on the tactics of aircraft and sea, and most of the iPhones rank first in terms of sales arrangement of single products. Of course, if you have to I have nothing to say about a 100 yuan mobile phone compared with an iPhone that costs nearly 10000 yuan! < / P > < p > return to the theme of this article. In fact, in recent days, I have also published a lot of negative information about the iPhone 12. For example, although the price is reduced, the standard power adapter is not provided, and the power adapter needs to be purchased separately, which should not be considered as a discount, but a routine; for example, instead of standard wired headphones, I push back my own noise reduction headphones, which is a bit of pressure and guidance. But let’s go back, the iPhone 12 is not without merit, in fact, it is still commendable in terms of quality. < / P > < p > take the retro design for example. When many people see the rendered image, they think that it may not be much different from the iPhone 11 Pro max, but in fact, the difference is quite big! For example, the retro middle frame design is different from the round curved screen design on the market. The iPhone 12 middle frame design is more recognizable. In addition, the design can also be understood as a tribute to Steve jobs. After all, the iPhone 4 was such a classic. < / P > < p > in addition to the changes in the design of the middle frame, the iPhone 12 pro and iphone12 Pro Max models have also made a series of iterations in the camera configuration. The brand-new four camera system makes it more powerful. It is reported that the new fourth camera is a lidar sensor, which is a TOF camera. It can be used in user portrait mode, and has good performance in ar. In terms of the screen, although there is no 120Hz high brush screen in the whole series, it is said that the Liu Hai of the iPhone 12 will become narrower. Although there is no comprehensive screen design, it seems to be a good start to narrow the screen a little bit. < / P > < p > finally, I would like to mention another point that domestic flagship phones don’t care much about at present. At present, domestic brands in mobile phone waterproof can’t be said to be relatively weak. It may be due to the cost. Although most of them have made waterproof mobile phones, this point has not been continued. On the contrary, iPhone has always had this feature. < / P > < p > OK, I will share the content of iPhone 12 with you today. If there is any further information, I will share it with you in time= https://twhosting.com/video-number-assistant-internal-test-online-four-functions-let-you-send-1g-video-on-the-computer/ target=_ blank>Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer