IPhone12 released 1 days later to see how Luo Yonghao and millet executives make complaints about their business.

The iPhone 12 series was officially released in the early morning of Beijing time. As previously disclosed, there are three versions of the iPhone 12, covering the price range of 5000-10000 yuan. The previous cheap version has also been renamed Mini. I don’t know how many users will choose to choose from a small size. However, it is estimated that this year’s iPhone will be 5g, light and thin body and A14 chip 12 will be strong again. Mobile phone,

, it is worth noting that iPhone, though one of the most excellent mobile phones, will be hung up at various domestic conferences, even if it is not even make complaints about thousands of machines. Today is a 8T conference. I don’t know if Liu will make complaints about iPhone 12. And the HUAWEI Mate 40 released over time will certainly not miss the opportunity to compare with iPhone 12, especially in the photo. < / P > < p > now, a day has passed since the release of the iPhone 12. Smart watch has also collected some comments on the iPhone 12 from some senior executives of domestic mobile phone brands on the Internet. Of course, most of them are former mobile phone executives. After all, their evaluation friends are afraid of being beaten in the face. < / P > < p > as the former brand leader of Meilan, Li Nan still has a certain appeal even if he leaves the mobile phone industry, and now he is also engaged in the industry related to mobile phone accessories. This time, he also launched wireless charging products and claimed to be able to completely beat apple’s own products. In his opinion, the biggest surprise of the iPhone 12 is the thickness. The feeling of the iPhone 12 Mini in the hand should be able to make you dream, even fantasize. The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro should be OK, but Max is probably a flatbed car. At the same time, Li Nan said that the biggest highlight of the iPhone 12 industrial design seems not mentioned in current reports. The right angled border can be seen as a retro version of the iPhone 4. But it brings a lot of problems. Because it’s not good-looking when it’s thick. So Apple compressed the full range of the iPhone 12 to a thickness of 7.4. This should be the thinnest 5g mobile phone of mainstream brands on the market. The touch of mini should be amazing. < / P > < p > but even so, Li Nan has some disappointment with the iPhone 12. He pointed out that under such a thin fuselage, the full support of 5g, including millimeter wave, and the more powerful A14, all increase the power consumption. MagSafe’s built-in magnetic ring is likely to further compress the internal space and eventually only reduce the battery.

make complaints about millet company’s favorite Tucao, Lu Weibing didn’t make any comments on the iPhone 12 series this time. It is estimated that it is holding a big move, or maybe Lei Jun let Lu Weibing down. However, Wang Teng, director of red rice product, came out to make complaints about it. First, he tucked the smallest iPhone 12mini on screen. He thought that his screen was limited to stack, and he had to shrink from photography, life long and so on. Anyway, he wouldn’t use such a small screen. < / P > < p > at the same time, he pointed out that among the four models, 12 are relatively the most upgraded models. Generally speaking, the OLED screen, 5g and A14 are still the best ones to buy. I feel that the main sales volume will be this one, but the starting price is 800 yuan higher than that of the previous generation, which depends on the market performance. The definition and price of Pro are a bit confusing. I feel that the upgraded products are not worth the price. Blind guess will be the worst one. Pro Max is very luxurious, but it also feels that it is an expected upgrade. MagSafe has new ideas. The strongest point of fruit is the systematic design ability. We have done all kinds of experiences around MagSafe. < p > < p > Wang Teng thinks that the biggest risk of this generation of iPhones is its battery life, which has been upgraded to 5g, but the battery is smaller. The actual effect has been evaluated. Maybe because of this reason, it hasn’t done a high brush. The appearance all returns to the shape of the iPhone 4, which is more beautiful visually, but in turn requires the whole machine to be thinner, which also restricts the battery design. < / P > < p > as the former vice president of oppo, Shen Yiren is not in charge of the specific matters of oppo now, but he will also publicly express his views on the hot products in the mobile phone industry. Shen also praised the iPhone 12, which was released early yesterday morning. < / P > < p > in his opinion, the iPhone 12 has a good balance between performance and feel. Mobile phone mobile phone is now adding more 5G to Android’s mobile phone after its entry into the world. It also weighs the battery, which is also sacrificing weight. Many users make complaints about the same weight as brick. On the iPhone 12 side, 5nm A14 chose to give up the substantial performance improvement, and took advantage of the advanced process technology in exchange for the improvement of power consumption. < p > < p > in Shen Yiren’s place, in this way, the dominant basic attribute “three circumference and weight” of “mobile phone” is guaranteed. After all, as a thing held in hand every day, the circumference and weight are very obvious every day. I don’t know if oppo will adopt the same solution after seeing the practice of iPhone 12. After all, the performance of mobile phones is surplus now. Who can provide better feel is absolutely overwhelming. < p > < p > as the most paranoid entrepreneur in the mobile phone industry, Luo Yonghao left the mobile phone circle temporarily in order to pay off the debt. Yesterday’s so-called “old machine conference” was just a collaboration with Apple’s hot spots and turning. However, although he is not in the lake, he still cares about the affairs of the river and lake. This time, the design of the iPhone 12 returns to the right angle frame, which makes many netizens complain that Lao Luo Ming is unfair. Why does no one say that the iPhone 12 has cut his hand?

previously, after the release of nuts Pro, many users Tucao’s borders were too sharp, and they make complaints about their hands. At that time, the slogan of this mobile phone was also “a sharp alien in the era of sleek dominance!” Some netizens said that they are also looking forward to the live broadcast of “apple peeling apple”. It’s strange that where are those double label marketing numbers now? Why are none of them missing? < p > < p > I have to say that Luo Yonghao has become more mature and stable after continuous attacks. In the face of fans’ grievances, he only lightly responded with a sentence, “if you want to be more open, most people are blind in advocating the strong.” < / P > < p > the above is just the evaluation of relevant people in the domestic mobile phone industry. But whether the iPhone 12 is good or not, the market will tell us the answer. If there is no accident, the blessing of 5g will pry some old iPhone nail holders, and the performance improvement and return to the classic design, the iPhone 12 should not be a problem. However, for the small screen iPhone 12mini, just like the previous iPhone se, will users really pay for it? Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?