IPhone12 returns rate Kwai up, power consumption fast, mobile phone is not smooth is the main reason.

Once on the Internet, it is a kind of “right” to sing down Apple’s mobile phone, even if there are no fatal defects in Apple’s previous mobile phone, “black” has become the consensus of many netizens. But this year’s iPhone 12 is a little bit of a real shame. I’m sorry that Apple’s image has always been maintained, because this year’s iPhone 12 is destined to be a 5g mobile phone! Even before it was released, some users who got the iPhone 12 already clamored to return it. So what happened? < p > < p > Apple’s A-Series bionic chip has always been a trump card for the iPhone. Every year, the latest A-Series chips are known as “the strongest chip on the ground”. Even though this year’s A14 faces the challenge of Huawei Kirin 9000 chip, which is also a 5nm process technology, apple still maintains its “strongest surface” confidence. This is also the reason why the iPhone 12 was warmly welcomed by the majority of users when it came into the market despite all kinds of negative news before it was released. < p > < p > but the iPhone 12 actually bought by users is a little slapping. Many users can’t wait to download the most popular games and other entertainment apps after receiving the iPhone 12. They want to have a good experience of the amazing performance of A14 chip combined with ios14. However, the actual situation is far from satisfactory. Many apps frequently flash back, black screen, and even sometimes directly crash the whole mobile phone card, and have to restart the device, which is not smooth at all. < / P > < p > such cases are not rare, so many users are very skeptical that this year’s iPhone 12 is a “defective product”! But in fact, to be fair, this pot can’t be blamed on the iPhone 12. In fact, as early as the official launch of IOS 14 system, some apps already had bugs that could not perfectly adapt to Apple’s latest system. As a result, some flash back and black screen appeared to be hardware problems. In fact, this should be the pot of app developers. < / P > < p > is just in time for the release of iPhone 12, so many people “naturally” think that this is the hardware problem of iPhone 12. However, some users will query that ios14 should be released almost one month earlier than the iPhone 12, and the bate version of ios14 was released more than three months ago. Why are some apps still unable to match ios14 What about it? There are many reasons novel coronavirus pneumonia is known only by one thing. The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic that has not yet ended in

has not only led to the global economy reversing this year, but also affecting all aspects of our lives. Developers are also unable to get their own way, which eventually leads to slow progress in the development of APP. < / P > < p > therefore, as for the problems such as stuck and flashback on some apps of iPhone 12, I believe that with the gradual updating and maintenance of apps by developers, these problems will be properly solved. Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”