IPhone12Pro usher in the first break, Apple announced price changes, users can not make complaints about Tucao

At present, the iPhone 12 series has been sold on the whole platform, and many users have got their favorite phones in the first time. Even many buyers have begun to take photos on social platforms, but with the increasing number of consumers receiving mobile phones, a variety of small probability events also appear. Recently, Internet users have been exposed to the broken screen of iphone12pro. No surprise, it should be the first global break for the iphone12pro. But Apple has long left a way for such consumers. After the launch and sale of the iPhone 12 series, Apple announced the price of the repair of the parts of the iPhone 12 series on the third-party platform, including screens naturally. According to the official quotation, the cost of the maintenance of the iphone12 and the iphone12pro screen is 2149 yuan. It is enough to buy a good mid-range machine in the current mobile market.

and in the face of this maintenance quotation, many netizens make complaints about it. IPhone12 is really not broken. In my opinion, although the iPhone 12 series has upgraded the screen, the cost of screen change will be so high, not because of how good the product is, Apple’s brand premium is the reason why the screen maintenance costs are high. The size of the iPhone 12 screen is 6.1 inch, the resolution is 1080p, and it does not support high refresh rate. It is a very common accessory. At present, the maintenance cost of the screen is more than 2000 yuan, most of which support super high refresh rate, and the screen resolution and sampling rate are far higher than apple. As far as the experience is concerned, the screen of the iphone12pro is obviously different from the other screen of the same price maintenance cost. Of course, in another way, the reason why the iphone12pro phone will set the cost of screen maintenance so high is because it wants to promote its own applecare+ service. The [/p > < p > applecare+ service is equivalent to an accident insurance, which not only extends the product warranty period, but also provides more accident warranty services. For example, for a screen, a consumer who buys applecare+ will only pay 188 yuan for service when repairing the screen. The purchase cost of applecare+ is equivalent to the floating water if there is no accident in the mobile phone. Perhaps it is for this reason that domestic consumers do not have many consumers who choose to buy applecare+ services when they buy machines. After all, the broken screen is not available to most consumers, and the mobile screen is mostly relatively strong. The iPhone 12 series screen uses Corning new technology, which is four times stronger than the iPhone 11. The mobile phone will not break the screen even if it slips from the hand without care. Moreover, most people will provide the case protection for the mobile phone. But for careless partners, it is necessary to buy an applecare+ service. Developed a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing