Iqoo 5 pro, a little helper on National Day

Unknowingly, 2020 has passed the majority of the year, the annual National Day has also arrived, I believe that most people have entered a happy holiday time. At this time, the mobile phone has become an indispensable item for us. Whether it is going out to travel, recording beautiful scenery, or playing games with three or five friends, we can not do without the help of mobile phone. < / P > < p > however, with the increase of our use demand, there are certain requirements for mobile phones, which should not only have strong enough performance guarantee, but also meet our experience in photography, games and so on. So, according to this product standard, the most appropriate choice is undoubtedly this iqoo 5 Pro mobile phone. Why do you say so? #Iqoo 5 # < / P > < p > first of all, iqoo 5 pro, as a 5g flagship model, not only carries powerful snapdragon 865 processor, but also is equipped with UFS 3.1 ultra fast flash memory and lpddr5 and other top-notch hardware, so it is very outstanding in performance and appropriate industry first-class level. With such powerful performance guarantee, let alone daily use during holidays, iqoo 5 Pro can easily meet your needs even if it is for some high-intensity game applications. In addition, iqoo 5 Pro also supports amazing 120W ultra fast flash charging, which can be fully charged in 15 minutes, providing a strong guarantee for your long-term vacation experience. < / P > < p > since we talk about “games”, iqoo 5 Pro is extremely professional. After all, the machine is equipped with a number of highly praised game functions, such as Hawkeye display enhancement 2.0, 4D game sense, game box, iqoo video game mode, etc., which can greatly improve your game fun and bring more pleasant game pleasure. < / P > < p > take “eagle eye display enhancement 2.0” as an example, which can distinguish different game scenes, enhance the corresponding game picture quality, and bring clearer game vision. Especially for this kind of “chicken eating” games, the “eagle eye display enhancement 2.0” function can make it easier for you to find “Voldemort” and other hidden enemies, so as to gain the advantage of fighting in advance. < / P > < p > What’s more, with its outstanding game performance, iqoo 5 Pro has also passed the KPL competition test certification, which further proves the professionalism of the game ability of the machine. So if you like to play games, you can choose iqoo 5 pro. < / P > < p > in addition, iqoo 5 Pro is also very outstanding in its photography strength. It adopts a brand-new rear three camera professional imaging system, which are: 50 megapixel Samsung gn1 super large bottom main camera + 13 million pixel ultra wide angle lens + 8 million pixel periscope camera. And the machine also has “super night scene 4.0, 8K video recording, 60 times super zoom” and other professional functions, which further improves the imaging performance of the mobile phone, so that you can easily shoot high-quality blockbuster effect without any skills. < / P > < p > in general, the iqoo 5 Pro is excellent in all aspects, almost meeting all our needs in use. What’s more, iqoo 5 Pro is a very comprehensive 5g flagship model, which is suitable for everyone to use. If you also like iqoo 5 pro, you may as well go to learn about it. I believe the machine will not let you down. So, do you have any different views on this? Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”

Author: zmhuaxia