Iqoo 5 series leads mobile phone flash charging reform

On August 5, 2020, the official microblog of @ iqoo mobile phone released a 120 minute flash charging poster to express that iqoo 5 series will be equipped with 120W ultra fast flash charging technology, which will bring users a fast charging experience of 15 minutes to 100%. This is the first time that 120W ultra fast flash charging technology has been applied to mobile phones in the industry, which not only solves the user’s demand for efficiency tools, but also provides an efficient solution to the problem of 5g high brush power consumption, and leads the mobile phone industry into the era of 100 watt flash charging.

netizens are full of curiosity about the 120W ultra fast flash charging technology, which was first applied to mobile phones, and called it “120 blood back pack”. So what kind of technology does iqoo 5 series adopt to achieve 100% charge in 15 minutes? Iqoo also exposed a popular science poster of 120W ultra fast flash charging technology on the same day, explaining its key technologies, so as to satisfy netizens’ curiosity about 120W ultra fast flash charging technology. Iqoo 5 series first launched and mass produced the latest 6C high rate cell, and introduced the innovative “array ear structure”. By customizing the charge pump chip, it achieved the highest charging conversion rate of 98.5% in the industry, allowing users to fully charge 100% of the power in 15 minutes under the screen state.

according to the official information released during the China joy exhibition, iqoo 5 series of new machine is the first 120W ultra fast flash charging product certified by Rhein TV. Every link of iqoo 5 series charging system has passed the high standard and strict test of German Rhine TV. Moreover, in terms of security, iqoo 5 The series also has done a lot of homework. It uses a new superconducting VC liquid cooling system, which is mainly composed of VC liquid cooling plate and heat conducting gel. It is positively matched with the high conductive aluminum alloy frame and three layer graphite heat dissipation film, and the back side is connected with the magnesium alloy bracket and the super large multilayer graphite film to form the whole square three-dimensional heat dissipation system, so as to ensure the speed of charging while reducing the heat and improving the stability. The machine is always in a comfortable holding temperature range.

iqoo 5 series is equipped with 120W ultra fast flash charging technology, which not only brings users a new experience of super power race and charging to 100% power in 15 minutes, but also leads smart phones into the era of 100 watt flash charging. 120W ultra fast flash charging, coupled with the luxury configuration of “performance iron triangle”, iqoo 5 series is worth looking forward to. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!

Author: zmhuaxia