Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”

On August 4, 2020, the official microblog of @ iqoo mobile phone released the concept video of the new flagship iqoo5 series, and the official announcement will hold a press conference on August 17, arousing the expectation of many netizens. The official immediately launched a new concept of “120 super full mark flagship”, explaining the strong strength of the new iqoo5 series beyond the full mark. Users also speculated about the “120 point configuration” of iqoo5 series.

since several manufacturers announced their own 100 watt fast charging scheme in July, iqoo’s 120W ultra fast flash charging has been highly anticipated. Full charging in 15 minutes has broken the barrier of mobile phone flash charging and triggered a new round of technological revolution. The “120 super full mark flagship” proposed by the new product official promotion coincides with 120W ultra fast flash charging. It can be seen that iqoo5 series is bound to bring users a new experience of super cutting edge in fast charging solutions.

in addition to the remarkable 120W ultra fast flash charging, hard core performance has always been one of the characteristics of iqoo products. According to the “120 point performance iron triangle” officially released today, the performance of iqoo5 series is definitely worth looking forward to. The mainstream flagship processor, the snapdragon 865, can be called the fastest read-write speed lpddr5 + UFS 3.1 combination, these super Full Score configurations will be implemented on iqoo5 series. Finally, in addition to the powerful configuration in terms of fast charging and performance, iqoo, as a high brush popularizer, should also bring upgrades in the screen. For example, the 120Hz refresh rate screen with the same eye-catching “120” keyword is also likely to appear on the iqoo5 series.

120 super full mark flagship, surpassing the strong strength of full score, surpassing the bold configuration of “super large cup”, is this iqoo5 series that you are looking forward to? Iqoo5 series launch on August 17, looking forward to surpassing the imagination of 120 super full mark flagship!