Is 5000 yuan 5g mobile phone a false proposition?

Thousand yuan machine has always been a sinking market that ordinary users don’t know much about, but it has a huge sales volume. From the annual shipping volume of each product, we can know that low-end mobile phones have always accounted for more than 40% of all products. When we pursue new iPhones and flagship Android, there are always a group of people who ask for their mobile phones with the “just use it” principle. They are the absolute audience of the so-called thousand yuan mobile phones. However, the biggest difference between 5g mobile phone and 4G mobile phone is related to the charge of 5g network. Different from our previous upgrade from 3G to 4G, 5g networks need to choose separate packages to speed up. If you don’t pay for the 5g package, you can only see the 5g signal sign, and you can’t enjoy the super high speed of 5g network. < p > < p > at present, the minimum 5g charge of the three major operators is 120 yuan. That is to say, the monthly rent of 5g package for nine months is enough for the price of a real V3 5g mobile phone, which is undoubtedly a huge expense for mobile phone users using 1000 yuan mobile phone. < p > < p > for example, the basic version of Hongmi 9 costs 799 yuan. It only uses 4 + 64GB of storage and g80 CPU. The service time and fluency of this machine can’t be compared with that of a flagship mobile phone, even the iPhone 6S, which has reached its old age. iPhone The reason why 6S has so many “nail holders” is that it was also a famous flagship product, so even after five years, it can still maintain a relatively smooth state of use, which is closely related to the IOS operating system and the processing chip of iPhone. It is difficult to find such a flagship product in the Android camp, let alone this entry-level mobile phone 。 < / P > < p > at this stage of purchasing mobile phones, we can always hear such a saying: “although I can’t use it, if I buy a mobile phone now and it doesn’t support 5g, I will feel at a loss.” The theory of < / P > < p > that I can’t use and you can’t do without has occupied a large number of users’ brains. But at the same price, the cost of 5g chip will squeeze the configuration of other hardware, so if you don’t open 5g package, the machine you get is only a pseudo 5g mobile phone with 5g signal sign. You can’t enjoy the faster network speed and more stable signal experience brought by 5g network. But when you are willing to spend 5g, or 5g package is reduced to the same flexible and humanized price as 4G package, I’m sorry, the mobile phone in your hand is like an old man: it can’t run. < / P > < p > out of curiosity, I asked my colleagues to help me get the latest mobile phone realme V3, which is a “just right” product from all aspects. < / P > < p > realme V3’s 5g network, large battery and screen size are all suitable for playing and listening to songs. The 3.5mm earphone hole is reserved to make it more convenient. I don’t know when, it has become a common practice in the industry to retain the headphone jack only in low-end mobile phones. But in 2020, we are glad to see that flagship models like Sony Xperia 1 Mark2 will gradually return the headphone jack. I hope this is not a flash in the pan. < / P > < p > in terms of appearance, realme V3 has two colors: Moonlight silver and star sea blue. What we got this time is the version of moonsilver. This color reminds me of the product that realme and Naoto mitsuzawa cooperated with. Although V3 also uses plastic back cover, the overall texture is much better than other brands with the same price. < / P > < p > the weight of 190g belongs to the feeling of falling hand, but it is not heavy. It doesn’t feel like a cheap mobile phone, and it is not as strong as other 5g mobile phones. It’s very important for users to buy a thousand yuan machine. Although V3’s large screen and rear three camera module seem to be a bit of a match, from the appearance point of view, they are much better than the same price products of friends. What’s more, this is still a 5g mobile phone. In various senses, the introduction of realme V3 is a level higher than the products of other brands at the same price. No wonder realme boldly called out the slogan of “dare to exceed the level” at the press conference. < p > < p > 999 yuan start, support SA / NSA dual-mode 5g. Even the cheapest 5g portable wireless router on the market can’t compete with it. So realme V3 is very suitable even as a portable 5g router. < / P > < p > in conclusion, realme V3 is a good 1000 yuan machine, but users should not blindly pursue the so-called 5g. At this stage, even if we use the best 5g mobile phone products in the industry, we can not experience one tenth of the 5g usage scenarios constructed by operators. < / P > < p > realme V3 is a good 1000 yuan machine. We only need to know this when we purchase. For 5g, we still have a long way to go. Continue ReadingVideo Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer