Is 5g mobile phone worth buying? Top selling Huawei nova7 se

818 e-commerce day has become an important part of e-commerce sales, and it is also one of the best opportunities for everyone to buy mobile phones. The summer market has always been dominated by students. It has always been a hot spot for 3C and mobile phone digital manufacturers. Therefore, many manufacturers will take the opportunity to launch large-scale sales promotion. Therefore, it is often more cost-effective to purchase electronic products in summer. < / P > < p > in the mobile phone category, in addition to launching flagship models in the first half of the year, major mobile phone manufacturers also brought a lot of mid end models, which are more suitable for students to buy. The mobile phone product we recommend today is Huawei nova7 se. < p > < p > nova is a brand created by Huawei for young people, and its core design concept is innovation, fashion, personality and fun. Since the launch of Nova series, it has been loved and praised by young people from all over the world due to its excellent self shooting function and outstanding appearance design. So from the perspective of brand positioning, this mobile phone is designed for young people. < / P > < p > young people require mobile phones to be fashionable and cool in appearance to show their personal taste and personality. Huawei nova7 se 5g front adopts a 6.5-inch pole full-scale screen, which accounts for 90.3% of the total screen, which brings better visual experience. The back cover is made of 3D curved glass. In terms of color, four colors are created: silver moon star, fairyland forest, midsummer violet and magic night black. The new color matching of silver moon starlight is not conventional silver, but realized by color film technology; The three color gradients of light blue silver pink combine the light blue sky of sunrise in the morning, the light red twilight in the evening and the moonlight in the late night to show the brilliance of the four seasons. The gradient of low saturation maximizes the texture of the processed texture, which is bright, soft and not dazzling. < / P > < p > the design of fingerprint unlocking integration of side power supply is very practical in practical use. When holding the mobile phone, the finger is just in the position of fingerprint lock, and the unlocking operation can be completed at the moment of picking up the mobile phone. < p > < p > Huawei nova7 se uses 7Nm 5g SOC and integrates 5g modem. With the help of advanced technology, Huawei nova7 se has lower power consumption and stronger performance. In addition to achieving NSA / SA full Netcom, thanks to the technical reserves and forward-looking layout of the global 5g leaders, Huawei has a wider coverage of 5g frequency band for the three major operators and the signal is naturally more stable than other brands. < / P > < p > in terms of service life, 4000mAh large battery combined with 40W Huawei super fast charging can quickly return to full power after the game, so you can play it without worries. In the era of mobile Internet, everyone is a creator, and young people like to share their unique life with friends. Huawei nova7 Se is equipped with ultra high definition AI four camera system, which is composed of 64 million ultra high definition lens, 8 million ultra wide angle lens, 2 million scene depth lens and 2 million macro lens, which can meet the needs of multi scene shooting; the 16 million front self shooting lens adopts f2.0 large aperture, 1 / 3.1 inch photosensitive element, 1.0um pixel area, and carries super night scene technology of human image, so it can take self shot at any time, with its own intelligent algorithm , can be customized according to gender and age three-dimensional beauty, and beautify the eyes, lips and other local effects, take a selfie in place. < / P > < p > the powerful hardware configuration brings more colorful shooting capabilities. No matter 4K ultra high definition video recording, 960 frame super slow motion video, or delay photography, it can easily help users create interesting video works. The unique post dual video recording function can record large scenes while recording their own close-up shots, which is the gain of vlog creators Force assistant. Tiktok also supports HUAWEI’s super uplink technology to effectively improve the uplink speed. Nowadays, young people love to share their lives with their Kwai and jitter. < / P > < p > during the period of 818, a limited time discount of 100 yuan and interest free for six periods are also available, which further improves the cost performance of this model and offers a rare purchase opportunity. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer