Is Alipay new? A large number of users have been raised but dare not use it because of this “condition”

As we all know, with the popularity of the Internet and the arrival of mobile payment, people’s daily life style has changed dramatically. Nowadays, you can buy your favorite food and clothes at home. Because of this, fewer and fewer people choose to go shopping in physical stores. In this context, mobile payment is becoming more and more mature. Now there is almost no need to go out with cash, just take a smart phone to complete the payment, very convenient. < p > < p > later, the emergence of Huabei, jiebei and credit cards made people realize the happiness of “early consumption” mode, which can be said to be loved by young people. The emergence of “Huabei” has, to a certain extent, really facilitated the lives of the broad masses of the people. For those who have no money at hand for the time being, it can solve the problem that we are in urgent need of money. However, due to the excessive spending of many people, the amount of their debts is getting higher and higher, and finally they are unable to repay them. Now, Alipay has come up with a “new recruit”. Many users find that they have received Alipay’s flower invitation invitation, but many people have chosen to shut down after watching the conditions, which means they are “afraid to use”. Why is that? Let’s get to know it! < / P > < p > according to the reply of ant group, since Huabei was announced to be open to banks and other financial institutions in May 2018, several 10 financial institutions have participated in and served Huabei users. According to the requirements of some cooperative financial institutions, in order to provide better services to users, it is necessary to upgrade the user’s service agreement, including the user’s consent to credit authorization. < p > < p > although the emergence of “Huabei” is convenient for many people, even if the monthly income is only 3000 yuan, you can also rely on “Huabei” to buy what you want. But because the upgraded Huabei will be included in the credit reference system, many netizens dare not use it. < / P > < p > in principle, users should be happy to be able to raise the amount. Why do many users turn off Huabei after reading the conditions and say they won’t use it? In fact, there is a “deep meaning” behind the invitation, because there is a small line of font at the bottom of the page, which is the “conditions” we have been talking about.

needs the user’s consent to sign, after meeting this condition, Alipay will give you flowers. Users of Huabei must agree to the letter of authorization for credit reference if they want to raise the amount. As for the importance of “credit reference”, I believe everyone should also understand. If you agree to this condition, then in the future, you will use Huabei for cash out, overdue and breach of contract, which will be uploaded to personal credit reference, so the impact will be very great. < / P > < p > if their credit reference is damaged because of Huabei, many people are not willing to. Based on this condition, there will be a large number of users will close the Huabei after paying off the arrears. < / P > < p > as for whether to close Huabei, I hope that the majority of users will not blindly follow suit. First of all, we should pay attention to whether our repayment behavior is in line with the regulations, rather than blindly following the trend and closing the flowers. In the case of ensuring that they will not be overdue, using Huabei records to report credit reference can also leave a good repayment record and improve credit score. However, after spending, they will fall into a real addiction after spending. Did you have dinner before? Is it your flower now? Huabei can be said to affect our lives to the extreme, and Ma Yun’s policy of raising the amount is also full of routines. What do you think of this? Do you often use flowers? Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865