Is Apple iPhone 12 worth buying? Big data gives the answer

The launch of each generation of iPhone will set off a buying boom, and Apple’s iPhone 12 launched on October 14 is no exception. From the pre-sale situation, the popularity of the iPhone 12 on tmall platform was twice as high as that when the iPhone 11 was pre-sale last year. The Jingdong platform sold out in 10 minutes, while the official website of Apple collapsed for a time, making it difficult for users to pay. < / P > < p > however, while the sales are booming, the abuse of the iPhone 12 is also constant, so “whether the Apple iPhone 12 is worth buying” has become a hot topic. 21 finance and economics focuses on the survey of purchase intention and popularity of iPhone 12 users, and gives the answer with big data. Judging from the voting results, most netizens think that the iPhone 12 is not worth buying. < / P > < p > whether it’s October 7 before Apple’s launch, October 14 after its launch, or October 17 after its pre-sale, only 30% of netizens are willing to buy the iPhone 12, and most of them are not prepared to buy this new device. The lack of chargers and headphones has become the most dissatisfied part of the iPhone 12. < / P > < p > according to the results of the voting on “what netizens are most dissatisfied with the iPhone 12”, among the 20000 netizens who participated in the voting, “not equipped with charger and headset” became the main reason, while the high price accounted for 29.39%, followed by the lack of innovation in design, accounting for 19.29%. In fact, the cancellation of chargers and headphones has long been rumored. < p > < p > before the release of iPhone 12, analysts such as Guo Mingji and other major media platforms gave consumers preventive injections. However, after hearing the news confirmed by apple, netizens reacted more strongly. Although Apple said the removal of chargers and headphones is for environmental reasons, netizens still think it is due to cost considerations. < / P > < p > after all, Apple’s move can not only reduce parts costs, but also effectively reduce logistics costs. Not only that, Apple also comes with a usb-c to lighting cable, but this data cable can’t adapt to Apple’s traditional 5v1a charging head, which means that users need to buy Apple’s 149 yuan charging head separately. It can be seen from this that Apple’s move not only reduces the cost of materials, but also stimulates the sales of accessories. However, the cost reduction of the iPhone 12 is not reflected in the pricing. The price of the 64GB version at 6299 yuan is still much higher than that of the iPhone 11 with the price of 5499 yuan. Therefore, most consumers are not willing to pay for the iPhone 12. < / P > < p > it is worth noting that even the capital markets are not happy with apple. Apple’s share price will soar after the launch of the new iPhone in previous years. However, on the day of the iPhone 12 launch this year, Apple’s share price fell by 2.65% and its market value fell by 56.5 billion US dollars. By the end of Oct. 16 EST, Apple’s market value had fallen to $204 million. < p > < p > in recent years, the outside world has been singing Down apple, and the innovation of iPhone has been sluggish. On the contrary, cook’s knife technique is getting better and better. What’s your opinion on the sales of iPhone 12 and the development of apple? Privacy Policy