Is Apple really expensive? I don’t think so, netizen: I can use an iPhone for 3 years!

I have to say that IOS system is the main reason why most Apple fans like apple, and also the reason why Apple fans think it is cost-effective to buy iPhones, because IOS is fluent enough.

according to a latest survey report, nearly 70% of iPhones have been used for more than two years and more than four years in the Chinese market. So is it really expensive to use it for such a long time? On average, it’s less than 1000 yuan a year.

on the contrary, Android users change their phones every two years, or even once a year. Moreover, the price of domestic mobile phones is not much lower than that of iPhones. Of course, they can also experience the latest black technology of mobile phones.

what’s more, Apple’s price cut in China has become more and more large this year, and cook has become more and more aware of the hearts of Chinese consumers. The “cheap version” of the iPhone se 2 and the priced iPhone 11 are simply too attractive in the eyes of apple fans!

in addition to the cost-effective use time, the strong price of the iPhone in the second-hand market is also a factor. Take the iPhone 8 plus, which was released three years ago, for example. A 64g version of the 8 plus still sells for 2000 yuan.

at this time, take a look at the domestic android, let alone 2000. The second-hand platform of Xiaomi mix 2S with high configuration only sold about 600 yuan three years ago. Huawei mate 10 is not bad enough, which can reach the price of 1000 yuan.

but let’s be clear, most of the people who like to use iPhones are students. For them, they don’t have much money. They can save a little bit. They can sell thousands of them in a few years. Do you think it’s worth it?

so there is a view that iPhones are not expensive. It’s not for no reason that many people like apple. Now Apple doesn’t have the high feeling that it used to be. In fact, the reasons for people who like it are simple, safe, simple and fluent. But how many domestic mobile phones can do these things?

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Author: zmhuaxia