Is iPhone 12 actually the baseband of the old model of Qualcomm? Who gave it courage to sell so much

The question of which one is stronger or weaker is also widely circulated on the Internet. It is a matter of different opinions as to which product is more worth buying. However, one thing is certain at present. < / P > < p > the new iPhone every year has no mystery for a long time. Although apple has been emphasizing confidentiality, it still can’t stop apple If every year before the new mobile phone is officially launched, the parameters of the new phone will be known to the world. According to the principle, the various parameters of smart phones should be increased every year compared with the data of the previous year. Even if they do not rise, they will maintain the same parameters as in previous years. However, this year’s iPhone 12 has broken this rule. Not only does it no longer come with headphones and chargers, but also the battery life that users care most about is also “cut” – battery capacity shrinkage! < p > < p > for this year’s iPhone 12 battery with a capacity of 2851 Ma, apple previously said that it had to make room for 5g because of the 5g module loaded. On the one hand, in fact, the initial online waves are not too much, after all, there is no harm without comparison. After Huawei mate 40 was officially launched, the battery capacity of Android mobile phones has always been higher than that of Apple mobile phones, although the 4400 Ma battery of Huawei mate 40 has been very bright. So just looking at the battery capacity can not make people feel a strong sense of contrast. But there is also a question, especially for users who are not very interested in the technical parameters. They are very curious about the same 5g. Why does the iPhone 12 have to castrate part of the cell phone battery capacity, while Huawei does not? < / P > < p > with the exposure of the iPhone 12 dismantling video by evaluation fans, this question has been solved, and of course, it has set off a wave of ridicule against Apple once again! < / P > < p > in fact, in terms of 5g baseband, users who are familiar with the technical configuration and the news in the science and technology circle will not be surprised by Apple’s adoption of “plug-in” high-pass 5g baseband, because Apple has not solved the baseband problem for so many years. On the other hand, Huawei’s mobile phone is the best in the world in terms of its Baron integrated 5g baseband. Only the so-called snapdragon X60 baseband from Qualcomm can compete with it. Therefore, before the iPhone 12 was disassembled, many people thought that Apple’s A14 chip with 5nm technology this year would add a snapdragon X60 chip, which is also a 5nm technology. However, it’s a pity that according to the current iPhone 12 disassembly video, the “plug-in” of Apple’s new device this year is not the legendary snapdragon X60 baseband, but the 7 nm technology snapdragon x55, which is nearly eliminated by the Android camp next door! After the iPhone 12 was disassembled, it was confirmed that Qualcomm was the originator of “ppt release”. < / P > < p > is this Apple’s consistent toothpaste squeezing strategy, or is this the result of a settlement between Qualcomm and Huawei, but not due to comprehensive cooperation? In fact, if we should take a good look at the news of Qualcomm in recent years, we will find that Apple has no choice this time! Is iPhone 12 actually the baseband of the old model of Qualcomm? Who gave it courage to sell so much. Last year, Huawei of China was forced to take out the Hongmeng system, which was once ridiculed as “ppt product” on the Internet. However, it should be said that the “ppt release” is the originator of Qualcomm. < p > < p > four years ago, when the snapdragon X50 baseband of Qualcomm came into being, it blew at the outside world and thought it was invincible in the world. As a result, Huawei Baron 5000 baseband was immediately slapped in the face. For such a loss of face, naturally, Qualcomm couldn’t bear it. At the press conference, it told users around the world, “don’t worry, we already have x55 baseband, which is better than this X50! < / P > < p > however, the actual situation is that the snapdragon x55 baseband at that time did not even have a shadow, it was a paper product! In terms of 5g baseband, Qualcomm is almost a year behind Huawei. But after all, there is a “winner take all” rule in high-end chips, so even if Qualcomm’s 5g baseband is lagging behind, it still can’t resist the global Android mobile phone manufacturers’ standard of taking the high-end chip as the flagship. < / P > < p > therefore, when Huawei announced the Kirin 9000 with integrated Baron 5g baseband, Qualcomm also released the so-called “snapdragon X60 baseband” to benchmark the Kirin 9000 with 5nm technology. However, the embarrassment is that the snapdragon X60 baseband will not be in mass production until next year as soon as possible! Therefore, Apple’s iPhone 12 plug-in snapdragon x55 baseband is undoubtedly a real hammer of the matter that the 5g baseband of Qualcomm lags behind Huawei. < / P > < p > since the snapdragon x55 baseband is not the most advanced 5g baseband, the 5g functions of iPhone N12 this year are bound to be affected. In fact, the “half 5g mode” of Apple’s iPhone N12 is already an open secret. < / P > < p > the way to plug in 5g baseband on the iPhone 12 is bound to cause problems such as extra power consumption, heat generation and frequency reduction of the processor. Therefore, apple is “smart 5g data mode” to solve this problem by taking advantage of its own IOS system. < / P > < p > therefore, the “intelligent 5g data mode” is not as high-end as it seems. Its working principle is that Apple’s IOS system will automatically detect which apps need 5g and which apps don’t, so it can solve the problem of 5g’s “hanging” power consumption. In other words, Apple iPhone 12 turns off 5g mode by default, which is why it is called “half 5g mode”. < / P > < p > further, that is to say, you think you can enjoy 5g high-speed service without any scruples when you buy the best iPhone 12 top configuration for more than 10000, but in fact, you can’t do what you want, or even you can’t use it. < / P > < p > in fact, there are more than these slots in 5g of the iPhone 12 this year. Previously, it was revealed that the 5g Band supported by the iPhone 12 was very rich, and it was once thought that Apple had exerted too much force on 5g. However, the actual situation was not too hard, or even a little “weak”. Because only the U.S. version of the global iPhone 12 supports millimeter wave 5g. This year’s iPhone 12 does not support millimeter wave, either in China’s Greater China region or in the European market. It’s a mystery why Apple has to deal with the global market in this way this year. < / P > < p > is apple playing another big game? “Who knows! In 5g anyway, this year’s iPhone 12 is not a good choice. Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year