Is it going to be? After Hongmeng OS announced its open source, Baidu, didi and 12306 have expressed their opinions

I believe you all know that Huawei has not been well hit in recent years, but it is just like this. Every move of Huawei has attracted the attention of all parties! < / P > < p > it turns out that Baidu map has been adapted to Huawei’s latest Hongmeng 2.0, which supports the seamless transmission of Huawei watch one button navigation information from the mobile phone to the watch, and the route information can be seen by lifting your wrist. < / P > < p > as one of the top two maps in China, baidu maps has more than 300 million monthly active users. It has become a standard mobile phone configuration for many netizens to check Baidu map when you go out. The strong combination with Huawei this time can be described as icing on the cake. < / P > < p > in addition, Didi travel has also done a good job in the adaptation of Hongmeng OS. In the past, you can only call a car when you turn on your mobile phone. Now you can also use the taxi service on your watch.

actually, at HUAWEI’s official Developers Conference, not only Baidu and drops, but also WPS, air travel Kwai Chung, 12306, fast hand, cool dog music, Sogou map and other 27 applications officially announced to join the adaptation work of hung Meng OS, HUAWEI consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong also thanked them. < p > < p > in fact, Yu Chengdong announced that after a year of “rapid development”, Hongmeng’s operating system has reached 70% – 80% of the experience of Android, and the investment has reached hundreds of millions, and new progress has been made almost every day. < p > < p > in the final analysis, Huawei’s smart phones are in danger of being unable to use Android operating system. Therefore, Hongmeng was once regarded as Huawei’s operating system for mobile phones to solve the problem of software “neck sticking”. < / P > < p > but in fact, Hongmeng is not a simple benchmarking Android mobile phone operating system, and the full platform, not only mobile phones, but also PC, smart TV, car, watch and other wearable devices and many other intelligent terminals, can cross platform an IOT full platform adaptive system. < / P > < p > generally speaking, the past mobile operating systems such as Symbian, blackberry, and even Windows Phone have been used by a certain number of users, but they are finally defeated by Android and Apple’s IOS system and become history. < p > < p > Huawei can also fully learn from the experience. After all, Huawei’s mobile phone sales reached 240 million in 2019, ranking the second in the world. With such a large number of users, Huawei can probably support the seamless system switching of Huawei this time. < / P > < p > here, the author still wants to feel a little bit. Since Huawei released Hongmeng, people in the outside world have little knowledge of Hongmeng, except for Huawei and its glorious smart screen products. Some people “ridicule” that Hongmeng system is a PPT system, which is fooling people. However, the Hongmeng OS is only one year old. It’s too early to know that Android has spent nearly five years to improve its development before it is officially released. Even Microsoft Windows Mobile, which has disappeared now, has invested more than 20 billion US dollars. < p > < p > in contrast, Huawei has invested hundreds of millions in one year, which is not perfect, but it still needs self-study and needs to be changed, because Huawei is walking a road that no one has gone through. On this unknown road, we should not laugh at it, but encourage and support more. < / P > < p > maybe when Huawei’s Hongmeng is really perfect and everyone is using it, will it be called “Android system” in 5gai era? < / P > < p > it is still unknown whether Hongmeng system can catch up. However, for Hongmeng OS, which is free and open-source, do you think Xiaomi, OV and other manufacturers will choose to join the adaptation? Older posts →