Is it realistic or in vain? The big domestic voice, the apple is so powerful that ordinary people can’t see it

In the more than ten years since the development of smart phones, Apple has always been regarded as a “pioneer” in the industry. Whether it was the original iPhone 4 system, the subsequent iPhone 5S fingerprint, or the appearance of the iPhone 6, it can be called the classic and trend of the mobile phone industry. At the same time, Apple’s achievements have also built its reputation and development in the mobile phone industry. Although there are bottlenecks in Apple’s innovation in recent years, it is undeniable that the brand influence still exists. < / P > < p > since the beginning of iphonexr, cook has begun to taste the benefits of low-cost strategy, and then the popular iPhone 11 has achieved great success. In fact, the sales of the so-called “inventory clearing” iPhone are not bad. Although it does not reach the level of iPhone 11 explosion, it also successfully clears a wave of inventory for KUKE. < / P > < p > I have to say that regardless of whether Apple has innovation or whether Apple supports 5g, as long as the price is right, there will still be a large number of consumers to support and buy, which is probably not achieved by many domestic manufacturers. Look at this year’s domestic manufacturers, which dare to sell 4G mobile phones? Not afraid of being flooded and closed down by consumers’ spit? I’m afraid only apple can do it. < / P > < p > although the iPhone 11 has become a blockbuster, Apple’s lack of innovation has become a fact. After all, for many years, it is still the same “bangs”, the appearance of which is not changed much, and even the baseband with general signal. These are the criticisms of consumers to apple. However, recently, a big man in China expressed his opinion on apple. He said that ordinary people can’t see the power of apple, and the talents in mobile phone industry know how strong apple is. This man is Wang Xing, the founder of meituan. < p > < p > actually speaking of Wang Xing, it can be said that he is a “old fan” of apple. When meituan was just founded, Wang Xing specially expressed his gratitude to apple, because Wang Xing believed that iPhone 4 had created the era of mobile Internet. Without the birth of iPhone, there would have been no mobile Internet today, and naturally there would not have been so much interconnection Net company, a lot of things today can’t be realized. As for Wang Xing’s statement, is apple realistic or in vain? < p > < p > in fact, I think it should be viewed from which angle. The so-called mobile Internet is actually the credit of communication companies and developers. The emergence of iPhone 4 only changed the trend of smart phones ahead of time. Without IOS, Google’s Android system would also create another mobile Internet scene. Therefore, Wang Xing’s words are too absolute, and some of them are in vain. < / P > < p > in fact, to talk about the current advantages of apple, I think it mainly lies in two aspects. On the one hand, it is the chip. Apple chip has always been stronger than the Android camp, and each generation is much ahead. On the other hand, Apple’s IOS system is excellent, whether it’s software or hardware, apple is awesome, and that’s exactly what Android can’t compare with. Of course, we consumers can only experience these two relatively intuitive aspects. Maybe Apple’s more technology is reflected in a deeper level, such as internal process design, parts use, and all kinds of invisible black technology. But it is undeniable that although Apple has innovation, today’s apple innovation is less and less. Looking at the original iPhone 4 to iPhone x, ordinary consumers can see the innovation point of iPhone at the first sight, and this is also practical and realistic. < / P > < p > but now that we get an iPhone, we can’t tell what’s good and what’s attractive. Some are just the chip performance and system that are routinely upgraded. In fact, compared with the original iPhone, this kind of iPhone is much different. Science Discovery