Is it too late to start with the most popular models in Apple’s history

With the official commercial use of 5g network, the major mobile phone manufacturers have less and less focused on the field of small screen mobile phones. Compared with the past few years, the smart phones from 2019 show the obvious increase of mobile phone screen, and the “countercurrent” thickening of mobile phone thickness. There is no doubt that in the 5g era, under the current technology, the thin and compact fuselage space has been completely unable to create an excellent 5g mobile phone. So, in the era of 5g not yet fully popularized, is it possible to pursue a classic small screen mobile phone? < / P > < p > in fact, if we talk about classic models, Apple’s iPhone 6 series must be one of the most popular products in the history of smart phones so far, especially the iPhone 6. It is no exaggeration to say that I still have several friends using iPhones 6. The author once asked them why they didn’t change their mobile phones and got the answer that the current model is too big for them to accept. They even asked me where I could buy my iPhone 6 again? < p > < p > iPhone 6 is the first large screen mobile phone launched by apple in the history of apple. The transition from iPhone 5S to iPhone 6 is a compromise of Apple company to the market. Before that, all iPhones were light and small. Interestingly, though the iPhone 6 was defined as a large screen phone at the beginning of its launch, it is now again typical of a lightweight phone. < / P > < p > in terms of hand feeling, I also think that the size of the iPhone 6 is really comfortable. The 4.7-inch screen makes the mobile phone look extremely small, which is what all of my friends who stick to the iPhone 6 are pursuing. Compared with today’s “half Jin machine” which often weighs more than 200 grams, the iPhone 6’s body weight is only 129 grams, and the thickness is 6.9 mm. It can be said that there is no pressure to put it in the pocket when you go out in summer. < / P > < p > but there is a very practical question, can the iPhone 6 still adapt to the application in today’s market? At least, the iPhone 6 has not been optimized for a long time because of its smooth experience. However, it can’t be used for a long time. In addition, Apple’s battery replacement is now quite convenient, so the iPhone 6 has a consumer friendly experience in terms of system fluency and battery life. If the mobile game is not a heavy user, the iPhone 6 can also be used as the main machine. However, mobile game users should not choose the iPhone 6, right? < / P > < p > there is no doubt that nowadays it is almost impossible to buy a brand-new iPhone 6 mobile phone. However, there are still a certain number of iPhone 6 mobile phones on some second-hand mobile phone platforms. Although it is not brand new, it can at least let some small screen enthusiasts see a glimmer of hope, and second-hand iPhones 6 price is also relatively cheap, less than 1000 yuan can get a classic iPhone in the history of Apple mobile phone, in fact, it is not bad. Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing