Is it very difficult to photograph the perfect flower? Master 9 basic skills to make shooting simple and professional

Flowers can be seen everywhere in our surroundings. On a sunny day, there is nothing more interesting than taking a camera to photograph flowers. Shooting perfect flowers also requires certain skills, here will be some common basic skills to share with you, so that you can shoot more beautiful flower works. < / P > < p > macro lens is a great device for flower photography. With it, you can fill the whole picture with the theme of flowers, thus shooting an amazing longevity effect. In fact, you don’t need to spend more money to buy a SLR camera. You can shoot well with a compact camera. Usually, such cameras have macro shooting mode and close focus function. No matter what the equipment, as long as you use it properly, you can take good pictures. < / P > < p > when shooting flowers, you don’t have to shoot the whole theme, zoom in and selectively focus on the details of the selected flower to get a very eye-catching close-up shot. The use of macro lens shooting petals, stamens and other abstract images can attract the audience, let them have rich associations. You can take underexposed photos on a bright day to capture the texture and details of flowers. < / P > < p > the other thing is, you don’t need to shoot a fully blooming flower, which will experience a visually beautiful life cycle, so why not shoot your favorite flowers from the beginning to the end to show the complete story. Similarly, petal deformed flowers can make the picture more interesting and dynamic, so please don’t ignore them when shooting. < / P > < p > in many flower photography, one thing that is absolutely worth noticing is the dew on the petals. Just having water can add a lot of effect. If you miss shooting on a fresh morning, bring a small water bottle with you to spray petals to achieve the effect of flower dew. Water droplets on flowers will make them more energetic. Water droplets increase light reflection and help to add more texture and depth to the lens, making the picture more interesting. < / P > < p > when shooting outdoors, you will encounter a lot of different weather conditions; from the morning with golden sunshine to the wet winter days, it is important to grasp the light for shooting. Usually, prime time is the best time to shoot flowers. This period can avoid shadows in the lens. If shadows are found on the flowers, use white reflective material to reflect more light to the flowers. If the light pair is large, use a flash to supplement the light. In addition, to capture warm colors, place a gold reflector around the object and control the light. < / P > < p > usually, when a photographer is shooting, he will minimize the movement of the object to be photographed. This method is usually used in flower photography, but sometimes the movement of petals in the breeze will make the picture dynamic. Therefore, try to use a slower shutter speed to display the shooting action to achieve the desired picture effect. < / P > < p > flowers are an amazing theme, but sometimes, the clutter of the background can make the picture confused, thus eclipsing the beauty and uniqueness of flowers. Using a shallow depth of field to make the background lose focus is a good way to get the clear picture you need. In addition, placing flowers in a contrasting background can help to counteract the effect of clutter. < / P > < p > when shooting, please think about your shooting angle. Everyone can shoot from the top, but lower the height and use the low angle shooting will make you really close to the flowers and find the scenes that may be missed from the top. Therefore, please do not shoot in a hurry, but take time to find the right angle and shoot from multiple angles. < / P > < p > the importance of flower photography is that there is no absolute & quot; correct & quot; shooting method. When shooting, we should make full use of the lens function, space, light, background and all things, until we find the way to shoot, and use various techniques to shoot the best effect. Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865