Is oppo reno4pro still in a bad position? How about starting now?

Among all the flagship phones released this year, oppo reno4pro is very special, because other manufacturers’ flagship phones use the flagship processor, and even the vivo X series, which has always been high priced and low configuration, carries the snapdragon 865. However, oppo still went to the black, and used snapdragon 765G chip for oppo reno4pro, which costs nearly 4000 yuan. < / P > < p > however, the high price and low configuration mobile phone is still very popular, and even its reputation is extremely high, which makes many unpopular flagship of snapdragon 865 very envious. But in fact, oppo reno4pro will soon lose its status, and the new products it constantly releases pose a great threat to it. < / P > < p > why is oppo reno4pro so mediocre in configuration but still able to gain high reputation? The reason is simple. It has other selling points. The first selling point of this mobile phone is the appearance. Oppo reno4pro has a 90hz hole digging screen, which is not only beautiful but also smooth to use. Moreover, the back shell of this mobile phone adopts crystal diamond technology, and the body is very exquisite. < / P > < p > oppo reno4pro is not only beautiful, but also light and thin with a weight of 172g. The second selling point of this mobile phone is 65W fast charging. Even though the 100 watt fast charging function has appeared in the mobile phone circle, oppo reno4pro’s 65W fast charging still surpasses the charging speed of most flagship phones. It is only three months since oppo reno4pro was released in early June. However, in the past three months, there have been dozens of new mobile phones in the mobile phone industry. Oppo and realme alone have released more than ten new models. These new machines have many selling points originally belonging to oppo reno4pro, such as thin and thin fuselage. The newly released oppo reno4 se is thinner than oppo reno4pro. 65W fast charging is no longer uncommon. Realme X7 supports 65W fast charging for less than 2000 yuan. When its selling point becomes common, oppo reno4pro’s crisis appears. Is it more expensive and can it compete for cheaper new machines? < / P > < p > so many people are willing to start the oppo reno4pro with high price and low configuration, which proves that its quality control is quite excellent. Although other cheap mobile phones can use the same functions and technologies as oppo reno4pro, there are undoubtedly great differences in workmanship and quality control. In terms of appearance, oppo reno4pro is definitely the most exquisite oppo mobile phone at present, and even one of the most exquisite mobile phones in the mobile phone circle. The Reno Glow crystal diamond technology used in its body will make the fuselage present complex texture, which we can not only see, but also feel when we hold it in our hands. Make complaints about mobile phone rise above the common herd.

even though we often sell OPPO high priced and low priced, we must admit that OPPO’s high priced and low priced mobile phone is not configured, but the actual experience is never overturned, and appearance control is even more outstanding. This is the biggest reason why it keeps growing. In that case, those cheap and high configuration mobile phones may not be able to turn over oppo reno4pro! Privacy Policy

Author: zmhuaxia