Is photography Xiaobai suitable for stabilizers? Moza air cross2

With the continuous popularization of 5g network, personal vlog short video is becoming more and more popular, and Xiao M’s heart is beating. Although he knows nothing about video preparation and shooting, he still can’t resist the manic, restless and aspiring heart. Recently, Sina launched a new magic Talon air cross2 SLR stabilizer. I know this device is definitely a treasure for video lovers. For a novice like me, Xiaobai, although he doesn’t know much about it, it’s right to make more contact, so he applied decisively. As a result, the official doted on it again. < / P > < p > so, as a novice, is it appropriate for Xiaobai to directly start with such professional shooting equipment? Is this kind of professional equipment suitable for novices? What do novices need to pay attention to when using talons air cross2 SLR stabilizer? With these questions in mind, I started the evaluation journey of Talon air cross2 SLR stabilizer. Let’s take a look at the evaluation of this issue! < / P > < p > the magic claw stabilizer I got this time is the commemorative money of aircross2 Haoyue. The outer package of this stabilizer is more or less amazing to me. The front of the package has strong elements of national style, and the product drawing outlined by ink painting has a taste of martial arts. Maybe what the product side wants to express is that a good weapon is very important for a knight errant, and a good photographer also needs a “weapon” like Talon stabilizer! < p > < p > the bright moon commemorative money in the upper right corner of the package and the English logo of magic claw are also magnificent, which seems to tell the difference between this product and the ordinary version. < / P > < p > on the back of the package are some parameters of the stabilizer and the model of the SLR camera that can be adapted, and in addition to the model, the product drawing of the camera is also friendly printed on it, so that we can know more clearly and intuitively whether our camera supports the stabilizer. Although it’s very friendly to print the compatible camera on the package, the actual adaptability of the stabilizer is much larger than that of the model on the package. Here is only a small number of models.

opens the outer package with a black foam suitcase specially designed for stabilizers. As a more precise product, the stabilizer is equipped with a foam suitcase. It is also necessary to protect the machine. On the other hand, it is better to have a suitcase and carry it outside. < / P > < p > all the accessories of the Talon stabilizer aircross2 in the suitcase are stored in a separate grid. The reasonable layout not only saves the internal space, but also increases the overall beauty of the product. < / P > < p >} the above picture shows the items in the package, which are: ① stabilizer body ② L-type quick mounting plate ③ tripod ④ quick mounting assembly ⑤ user manual ⑥ multi specification data cable ⑦ 3 / 8 “camera fixing screw Ⅷ Haoyue commemorative card ⑨ Warning card < / P > < p > talons aircross2 presents a “Y” shape when it is not unfolded and locked. The Pearl White body is decorated with black mirror lines. Compared with pure black, it gives people a noble and elegant feeling, while a little red in the middle of the dial just adds a little vitality to the machine. The color matching of magic claw air cross2 Haoyue commemorative is an innovation in the stabilizer industry! < / P > < p > the main frame and the bottom grip of the fuselage are made of magnesium aluminum alloy by die casting. According to the official introduction, the hardness reaches 3h, and the adhesion is more than 4B. The materials used for the tripod are basically the same as those used for the fuselage, but there are some differences in the spraying process. The paint surface of the tripod feels rough, while the fuselage is more sleek and feels more comfortable. < / P > < p > the central control positions of air cross2 are: OLED display, rocker and dial from top to bottom. However, this part does not belong to the fuselage frame part, so the materials are made of high-quality plastic materials. On the one hand, this design is to reduce the weight of the fuselage, on the other hand, it is more convenient to assemble other parts of the host. Of course, it will be very convenient to repair problems in the future. < / P > < p > the power switch is designed in the middle of the left hand wheel of the fuselage, and the magic claw also adds a circle of RGB indicator light ring for the hand wheel of the stabilizer. The light ring will automatically change color after starting, and at the same time, it can also transmit the running state of the machine for the user through some special colors. I personally like the design of this kind of light ring, and the RGB light ring is very important for the stabilizer It doesn’t work, but it’s really beautiful. < / P > < p > the back design of the stabilizer is relatively simple. There is only one trigger key and a 3 / 8 “screw hole. The 3 / 8” screw hole is added in order to install other photographic equipment such as pot handle or rabbit cage. The pan tilt part of air cross2 is mainly supported by three parts: heading arm, roll arm and pitch arm, and these three parts have independent motor locks. < / P > < p > in addition, the battery of air cross2 is detachable, and the fuselage has reserved charging holes for the battery. In other words, this stabilizer supports both fuselage charging and disassembly charging. The battery supports 9V / 2A high-speed charging function. In addition, the power of the battery can be viewed through “shake”. < / P > < p > if you have the same understanding of stabilizers as I do, you must strictly check the manual before using talons aircross2, because you can’t simply assemble the camera to the stabilizers to use stabilizers. You need to level the stabilizers before using stabilizers. If you start the stabilizers when leveling is not successful, you will have problems Now it can not operate normally, such as fuselage shaking, motor heating, etc. < / P > < p > and it is not difficult to level the stabilizer. The main thing is to level the heading arm, roll arm and pitch arm after the camera is installed, and there is a scale on each arm to help us quickly level. < / P > < p > although the magic Talon air cross2 Haoyue memorial is lightweight, the stabilizer is installed on a canon 90d equipped with a small spittoon, and the total weight is 2.35kg. < / P > < p > when shooting, you need to hold the grip tightly with both hands. Because there is a rubber package on the back of the grip, the stabilizer will not be so slippery in your hand. Another advantage of the rubber package is that even in the winter in the north, it is much more comfortable and not so cold to touch metal directly with rubber. But the fuselage of the machine and the stabilizer is still very heavy. If you don’t have a certain arm strength and wrist strength, it is estimated that you will be very tired after shooting for 3 hours in a row. < / P > < p > as a product in the intelligent era, aircross2 has built-in Bluetooth to support the interconnection with mobile phones. By downloading the “moza master” app, the power of the stabilizer can be displayed in real time. Through the interconnection with mobile phones, the stabilizer can be controlled to achieve more playing methods. < / P > < p > the app is not fully Chinese, and some interfaces in the app are still in English, which is not ideal for me, a user who has not passed CET-4 in English. < Airp / cross2 > the mobile phone can be used to adjust the rotation speed of the three-axis camera, and it can also be used to adjust the rotation angle of the three-axis camera. < / P > < p > talons aircross2 has a high playability inception function. This function simply means that the camera can rotate continuously to take a big picture. This processor can choose three rotation modes: rotating continuously, or automatically stopping after 180 ° rotation, or automatically stopping after 360 ° rotation. < / P > < p > in addition, after connecting to the mobile phone, the magic Talon aircross2 Haoyue model can be operated through the mobile phone app somatosensory, and the stabilizer will make the same action according to the rotation of the mobile phone. The coordinated action of the mobile phone and the stabilizer is agile, and there is basically no delay. < / P > < p > as a stabilizer, air cross2 has done a good job in terms of stability. From the above video, we can see that the picture of stabilizer blessing is not as big as walking, and the picture is relatively stable. However, even if there is a stabilizer, the correct posture of using the stabilizer still needs to bend the legs, and when walking, the heel should touch the ground first to increase the buffer and reduce the shaking. < / P > < p > after trying out the magic Talon air cross2 bright moon commemorative fund for a period of time, my biggest feeling is that “if you want to do good work, you must first sharpen your tools.” it’s not an empty talk. Every word left by your ancestors is very reasonable. Although powerful tools can’t make us great gods, they will bring some strong assists. Although bronze can’t become king, it’s not enough to become platinum It’s possible. It’s not hard for beginners to get started. But if you want to make beautiful pictures, you still need to practice shooting skills and accumulate photography knowledge. It’s an opportunity to learn. As the Haoyue commemorative card says, “people who dare to dream are naturally different.”. Although aircross2 is only an auxiliary tool for you, it has no ability to help you. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer