Is Samsung note20 ultra worth starting with? German detailed survey results tell you

The suffix “ultra” in the name of Samsung’s latest flagship Galaxy note20 ultra 5g is quite appropriate, because not only is the case and display very large, but many other aspects also perform well in the test. For example, the outstanding camera can not only take beautiful scenery photos, but also take excellent self photos; the bright display screen is not only colorful, but also has strong contrast; the performance is always at the top level; the service life is regular, even though the S is inserted into the chassis Pen takes up the available space of the battery; the writing and drawing functions of Samsung pen have been significantly improved, and no extra purchase is required. < / P > < p > performance: 1.2 configuration: 1.3 battery: 1.8 screen: 1.0 camera: 1.2 comprehensive: 1.3 the same score as the one plus eight Pro released half a year ago, ranking the third in 213 smart phones. The manufacturer’s recommended price: 1299 euro, cost performance: low < / P > < p > in recent years, the trend of smart phones is to have larger and larger screens with narrower borders. The Samsung Galaxy Note Series may also be the main driver of the trend: since its first release, it has exceeded the average size of a smartphone, almost the size of a tablet. The latest Galaxy note20 ultra 5g goes a step further, and it’s huge: it’s 16.5cm long and 7.7cm wide. < / P > < p > 208 grams is also much heavier than the smartphone you are used to using. If you are used to lying on your back looking at your cell phone in bed, it will hurt when the note20 ultra 5g falls and hits your nose. The thickness of 8.3 mm is not very thick. Only the camera module protrudes from the shell so high that the thickness increases to 1 mm. Therefore, the new note machine without a protective cover cannot lie flat on a desktop or other surface. < / P > < p > it has been proved for many times in the past that Samsung is an expert in display. Even rival Apple is buying OLED panels for iPhones from Korean manufacturers. So it’s no surprise: Samsung’s note20 ultra 5g display was quite convincing in tests, even though it had a diagonal of 6.9 inches. The ultra narrow borders at the top and bottom combine with the backward curved edges on the left and right sides to give a truly immersive experience, as if you were holding the screen in your hand. We measured more than 90% of the screens. < / P > < p > like the galaxy S20 series, the note20 ultra 5g is 1440 pixels horizontally. Based on the unusual aspect ratio of 19.3:9, the vertical pixels are irregular 3088. As a result, the pixel density is as high as 496 PPI, thus providing a sufficiently clear image. However, the prerequisite for a 6.9-inch display to achieve such high QHD resolution is that you give up the refresh rate of 120 Hz. Such smooth frame rates are only displayed at reduced Full HD resolution. Of course, you rarely notice this limitation in your daily use. < / P > < p > OLED display is really bright: it can reach 452 CD / M manually, and even emit 905 CD / m light when the ambient light is strong. This means that even under the most unfavourable lighting conditions, what is displayed on the screen can still be easily read. In the test, we were also impressed by the color restoration: sRGB gamut coverage was as high as 146%, and fully supported the dci-p3 gamut required by HDR video. In addition, the contrast of 175:1 and the color calibration of 99.9% are at the highest level. It can be seen that Samsung has once again done everything right in terms of display. < p > < p > Samsung’s exynos 990 processor ensures powerful computing power once again. It works with 8 computing cores, which makes the clock frequency up to 2.73 GHz. To match this is 12 GB of running memory RAM. < / P > < p > in the pcmark benchmark, the galaxy note20 ultra 5g scored an amazing 11906 points, leaving many other flagship aircraft behind. But it took 5.3 seconds to load and fully present the PDF file for testing, which is really too slow for a smartphone at that price. However, in the daily use test, Samsung loads quickly and shows impeccable performance. < / P > < p > nevertheless, it is disappointing because not only has the performance not improved compared with the much cheaper s model, but also the difference between the US and European note models does not seem to be eliminated. For the galaxy S20 ultra, there is a big difference between the US version with snapdragon 865 and the European version with exynos 990. The former is not only faster, but also more efficient, so it consumes less power. At present, we can’t get two new note machines for comparison, but we don’t want to ignore this fact. < / P > < p > as a result, the battery life of the galaxy note20 ultra 5g is “only” on average among the hundreds of smartphones tested: when the display refresh rate is at 60 Hz, the battery life is 10:44 hours; when it is raised to 120 Hz, it lasts 9:22 hours. This is not very bad, but it is far from the same competitors. < p > < p > however, charging is quite fast: from zero to 58% in 30 minutes and fully charged in 94 minutes. The included charger is 25 watts, but you can also buy a 45 watt charger for faster charging. Like all flagship models, the note20 ultra 5g also supports wireless charging with a maximum power of 15 watts. < / P > < p > s pen has always been a unique selling point of Samsung Galaxy note models. It’s a small stylus that can be plugged into the case, so it needs space, which makes the battery have to be smaller. < p > < p > this year, Samsung has made some improvements and innovations in s pen: the input delay time has been reduced from 42 MS to 9 ms, almost 5 times shorter. In addition, with a screen refresh rate of 120 Hz, it becomes more natural to write and draw on your phone with s pen. < / P > < p > in addition to known features such as real-time translation, camera manipulation and taking notes on a locked black screen, new gestures are now available. For example, a mobile pen triggers system functions without touching the smartphone itself. < / P > < p > compared with S20 ultra, the camera module of note20 ultra 5g is slightly narrower, which is also due to the reduction of one lens: the time of flight sensor no longer exists in the new note series. What’s new is laser autofocus. Samsung used this to improve the slow and often inaccurate focus of the S20 series. In laboratory tests, this new sensor is indisputable. < / P > < p > in addition, there are still three large cameras on the back: in addition to the 108 megapixel main camera, the galaxy note20 ultra 5g also has a 13 megapixel ultra wide angle lens and a 12 megapixel 5x optical zoom telephoto lens. The main camera and zoom lens are optically stable. At 4K, 60 frames per second is achieved, and when the resolution is increased to 8K, it is 24 frames per second. It should be noted that the latter is only suitable for the 21:9 aspect ratio commonly seen in movies. In the laboratory shooting test, Samsung Galaxy note20 ultra 5g performs first-class in all kinds of scenes: the images taken in the sunlight are excellent, and there is hardly any place to be picky; the pictures taken in weak light are also excellent; the difference between shooting by hand and shooting with tripod is almost invisible; thanks to the wide aperture and large image sensor, the quality of photos is at the top level. < / P > < p > better than that is the front facing self timer: the front camera provides many functions including autofocus, and combined with the same wide aperture, the images taken are really excellent, making it stand out from the fierce competition. As a result, Galaxy note20 ultra 5g is definitely worth the price for those who like to take selfies. The overall photo quality of note20 ultra 5g was evaluated by laboratory testers as 1.1. < / P > < p > the difference between a flagship phone and a regular one is usually in terms of configuration, because cheaper smartphones are particularly economical in this respect. Of course, as Samsung’s latest flagship machine, the galaxy note20 ultra 5g has almost reached the top of the list in terms of software < / P > < p > it is equipped with the current Android 10 and the latest version 2.5 of Samsung’s own user interface oneui. In addition, Samsung recently announced that it will provide a three-year system update for smartphones, which means that the note20 series is likely to even carry Android 13. It has the latest USB C 3.1 port at the bottom, but, as expected, lacks a traditional headphone jack. In terms of connectivity, Wi Fi 5 and 6, Bluetooth 5, NFC and 5g have everything to complain about. One SIM card supports the latest network standard 5g, and the other card slot is used for the second SIM card or for expanding memory. In addition, ESIM is used for activation. The storage space of 256 or 512 GB is very large. After the initial setup, 226 GB of memory is still available for the test sample device. The off screen fingerprint sensor does not work in an optical way, but with the help of ultrasound. This is a typical Samsung solution, which uses the same sensors as the galaxy S20 and reacts fairly quickly in tests, but sometimes it is also unreliable. Other configuration highlights of the galaxy note20 ultra 5g include excellent stereo speakers and IP68 certified dust and water-proof features. In Germany, Samsung only sells the galaxy note20 ultra 5g, not the LTE version. For the basic version with 256 GB of storage space, the manufacturer proposes a price of 1299 euro; for the 512 GB top version, the manufacturer proposes a price of 1399 euro. Based on Germany’s current VAT reduction to resist the impact of the epidemic, users can spend 1266 or 1364 euros to own the basic or top-level version. Included in the price are pre attached screen savers and the so-called magic s pen. < / P > < p > battery capacity: 4500mAh battery life: 10:44 hours time required to fully charge: 01:34 hours 30 minutes charge to: 58% complimentary fast charger: Yes wireless charging: support display: excellent < / P > < p > Screen diagonal length: 6.9 inches auxiliary screen diagonal: no screen size: 74 x 158 mm display type: OLED display resolution: 3088 x 1440 pixel display pixel density: 496 PPI display refresh rate: 120 Hz display brightness: 905.4 CD / M checkerboard contrast without ambient light: 175:1 screen contrast under ambient light: 69:1 display screen covering sRGB gamut: 146% display covering dci-p3 gamut: 100% camera: excellent < / P > < p > gross pixel of camera main sensor: 108 million pixels standard mode photo: 12 million pixels camera slow motion: – / 240 FPS camera resolution: 1543 The image quality of LP / BH was evaluated as: 1.2 camera noise: 1.6 vn1 optical image stabilizer: with camera auto focus: Yes, the maximum video resolution: 7680 X 4320 pixel front camera resolution: 10 million pixels about cotest < / P > < p > quality and safety European testing association cotest is a public welfare organization located in Germany. Its purpose is to independently test goods and services, provide objective and authentic quality evaluation information for consumers in developing countries and all over the world, and promote the formation and development of a safe and reliable market. Therefore, the samples purchased anonymously by consumers or organizations in their markets are comprehensively and scientifically evaluated, and the evaluation results of European and American professional testing institutions are provided. < / P > < p > next, we will release the scientific evaluation results of more than 4000 digital electronic products and food and beverage. If you pay attention to “cotest”, we will inform you of the evaluation results in time, so that you can get the detailed evaluation data and select the most suitable product for you.