Is space travel really out of reach? Here’s the flight guide

Often see such a sentence on the Internet: my journey is the sea of stars. At first I saw a strong breath of Chinese and Japanese. In reality, it means that many people will make fun of me when I say this sentence in reality. I’m embarrassed from head to foot. However, from another perspective, it is also said that human yearning since ancient times. It has always been the dream of mankind to conquer the blue sky overhead and the mysterious and dreamy starry sky. Most people have a dream of flying into the sky. They are eager to be close to the vast and mysterious universe like astronauts, instead of looking for the possible living stars in the Milky way through the electronic screen of cold ice Wormholes and black holes are the source of human delusions about the universe. With the rapid development of space technology, the establishment of many space stations, the successful return of spaceships, and even the first one to land in space and the moon, Gagarin and Armstrong, make us closer to the starry sky. Maybe in the future, we can really say: our The journey is a sea of stars. < / P > < p > in fact, we must also have many questions about star navigation. For example, we have seen how astronauts are in space before, and whether ordinary people can also set foot in the vast space, what is the budget for a trip to space, and even what training is required before going to space We are interested in the topic, do not worry, the next author will give you one by one answers. < / P > < p > first of all, we are most concerned about the relationship between spaceflight and ordinary people. When we first explored the starry sky, because the space technology was not mature and perfect, space navigation was indeed a mysterious event that could only be realized by the state. It is still far away from ordinary people. However, with the rapid development of science and technology, the application cost of aerospace technology has been greatly reduced, making it no longer a castle in the air Secret on, that is to say, stepping on the vast universe overhead is no longer exclusive to astronauts. Ordinary people may also set foot in this dream. < p > < p > Professor Yang Feng, who is engaged in aerospace technology research, also mentioned in an interview that aerospace technology is not out of reach. On the contrary, it is closely related to people’s lives. However, in the past, we failed to pay attention to observation. In reality, many products that improve people’s living convenience are more or less born out of aerospace technology, which is as small as our clothing, food, housing and transportation, such as diapers, Water purifiers, GPS navigation technologies covering the world, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (NMR) and CT machines used in hospitals are all inspired by aerospace technology, and then applied to commercial fields. In addition, many commercial companies, including Microsoft, Google, Facebook and so on, have begun to stride into the field of aerospace and aviation, breaking through the difficulties of long initial period and high investment in aviation technology with micro planetary technology To lay the foundation for the commercial operation of aerospace, so don’t think of aerospace as mysterious. As to whether ordinary people can set foot in space, experts from Aerospace Science and technology group have also given a clear answer: ordinary people will soon be able to go to space to experience the mystery of the vast universe and galaxy, and travel in space as shown in the movie. He also introduced four current ways of space flight. < / P > < p > it’s true that ordinary people can do space navigation in four ways, but it will also start, and the budget will vary depending on the way. Among them, only the suborbital flight and orbital flight of about 100 km or even 400-500 km can be regarded as space flight in the real sense, that is, space navigation in the space field. Of course, the budget of these two is the highest, which may not be affordable to all people. < p > < p > orbital flight: the earliest commercial orbital flight originated in 2001. A few rich businessmen got through the relationship with astronauts to enter the international space station. They sailed around the earth several hundred kilometers away from the earth, and looked at the vast universe through the space window to realize the dream of space flight. This orbital flight can also be regarded as a milestone of commercial space flight. The cost of such a “space journey” is more than you can imagine, which is 20 million US dollars, about 1.28 billion yuan. At the same time, it also has to undergo strict training and bear the discomfort and risks caused by the launch. It can be said that only a few high-end players can afford it. Suborbital flight: of course, with the progress of science and technology, many space companies have also given more space navigation plans that more people can afford, including risks and budget, that is, suborbital flight, flying from the ground to 100 kilometers in the air, then enjoying the beautiful space scenery for five or six minutes in the space up to 100 kilometers, and finally gliding back to the ground in 40 minutes It takes about an hour to fulfill your dream of space flight, and it has more security. More importantly, compared with high budget orbital flight, the suborbital flight ticket costs only $200000, which is very cost-effective. < / P > < p > if you don’t have enough budget, you can also experience parabolic flight or high altitude flight. These two are not real space flight. The former gives users a virtual space flight experience by simulating the weightlessness of astronauts in space, but the price is the cheapest, which can be experienced at $5000. The latter is further upgraded, allowing tourists to fly to a height of 24 kilometers close to space, looking down on the earth’s terrain curve and looking up at the black sky overhead Space, feeling the vastness of space, is about $10000. As we all know, space environment is special, and it is dangerous for untrained ordinary people to travel in space. If you have the opportunity to travel in space, you must do the following necessary training: < / P > < p > although short-term space flight is not as rigorous as astronauts’ health training, enough physical fitness is also necessary. After all, no matter what you do, a healthy life is also necessary Physique is the top priority, especially in space navigation. Physical fitness test includes heart rate data, blood pressure, etc. heart rate can not be higher than 100 times per minute, while blood pressure is maintained between 100 and 160. Only those who meet this initial condition can travel in space. After that, three days of physical training will be carried out, including weightlessness training in flight, zero gravity training, weightlessness training in water, etc., so that tourists can truly feel familiar with the weightlessness environment, and complete experiments such as eating, sleeping, closing eyes and opening eyes under such conditions, so as to ensure that tourists can further respond to various phenomena in space. Secondly, we should also read the space travel guide in detail, and understand the performance characteristics of the aircraft, including the use of various electrical switch facilities in the cabin, safety and life-saving knowledge, etc. Finally, we should have excellent psychological quality and courage to overcome the fear of going to space, and we must obey the orders of astronauts and calmly deal with the problems encountered in the flight process. < / P > < p > seeing this, do you think that the vast space is not so mysterious and remote, and that even ordinary people can realize their dream of space flight with the budget technology in place. gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?