Is surface worth choosing? Read this article to let you understand!

Today, a reader asked backstage, “is surface worth choosing? Which version of surface Pro 7 First of all, the conclusion is that surface is worth choosing, but to be clear about its positioning, if you want to play games or pursue cost-effective selection of surface, it is not worth it. Because competing products at the same price can almost kill Sophie in seconds, surface is positioned as a light office portable business, more suitable for office workers and students, and is a productivity tool, which can meet the needs of video and audio entertainment.

Surface is not related to cost performance. Many people make complaints about it. It is really cheap. Whether it is Surface Go 2 or Surface Pro 7, the price without keyboard can persuade many people, and take a look at the configuration of the entry version, Pentium processor, I3, 4G storage, 128G storage… Some people worry about the running smoothness of the machine in the future, which is also one of its main slot points. < / P > < p > of course, for light office and learners, the charm of surface lies in its light weight, portability, high appearance and office attribute, surface go The weight of 2 is 544g, which is one kilogram to the rounding. In addition, the surface has office suite, which is good for the users who are used to using the win system. With the genuine system, the system experience is relatively stable and smooth. In addition, with the pressure sensitive pen, touch screen, expansion dock, professional keyboard The office experience is super comfortable, and it is appropriate to improve productivity and creativity. < / P > < p > surface Pro 7 is mainly aimed at two in one tablet notebook. If there is a business need for portable office, there are six versions of this product at present, which depends on the actual use demand and budget of the individual. The advantages of surface Pro 7 lie in the appearance and feel, as well as the improvement of CPU and overall hardware. < / P > < p > in terms of price, the reference price range is 5788 ~ 17888 yuan. Regardless of the budget, the i7 processor and the 16g + 1t version are undoubtedly the most popular. The original genuine office home and student version 2019 and the genuine win10 system can improve the work efficiency, and the operation experience is also first-class. < / P > < p > if you only focus on light office and video entertainment, you can recommend the i5 version of 256g. As a laptop, this storage version is basically enough, while I3 and 128G storage are in short supply. Although the price is relatively friendly, it is not recommended. After all, this product itself is not a performance product, it has nothing to do with cost performance. If you want to pursue performance, there are too many at the same price Competitive products are available. < / P > < p > finally, the author suggests that if you need a surface in your actual demand scenario, you should start with i5 processor and 8g storage, so that you can basically meet your daily needs. Although the entry-level version is affordable, it is difficult to configure. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine