Is the bigger the memory, the better? Is the gap between 4GB and 8GB really obvious?

If you consider from the perspective of mobile phone hardware performance, of course, the larger the running memory, the better; if you consider from the perspective of cost performance, the best choice is the one that suits you, otherwise it will lead to a waste of resources! To use an inappropriate saying to describe, “how to kill a chicken with an ox knife” refers to the problem of overuse of talents. Before purchasing mobile phone memory, you must find out what your needs are, so as to be able to do some wanton. So, what is the mobile phone’s running memory and how to choose 4G and 8g running memory at this stage? The relationship between the two can be compared with the computer, the former can be regarded as the memory of our computer, and the latter can be regarded as the hard disk of our computer. The size of running memory determines the number of mobile phone programs running at the same time, and whether it can open web pages, videos, games and so on at the same time. If the program running at the same time exceeds the current running memory, it will cause the mobile phone to jam and restart; if the program running at the same time is lower than the current running memory, the running speed of the mobile phone will not be affected. However, if the gap is too high, it means the waste of resources. After all, there is a certain price difference between the two. < / P > < p > if the current mobile phones are classified according to the system, they can be divided into Apple phones and Android phones. Because of the different operation mechanism between them, the requirement of running memory is also different. Take Apple mobile phone as an example, the current flagship model only supports 6G running memory. IOS system for background program management is better than Android system, once the program is switched, the program will enter the frozen state in the background, and will not occupy too much running memory. No matter which generation of Apple products, you can hardly see a detailed description of the running memory, because there is no problem with the running memory on the Apple phone. Due to the inherent disadvantages of Android system, it can only be solved by hardware stacking. This also led to many mobile phone manufacturers constantly competing for the hardware parameters of mobile phones, but ignored the optimization of mobile phone system. It goes without saying that Apple mobile phones can ignore this problem. As for Android phones, I recommend purchasing 8g memory. When the mobile phone is turned on and used normally, the Android system is also loaded in the running memory. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the Android system, the system will call and occupy a part of the running memory, which is usually about half. That is to say, your mobile phone has not run any programs, and only 2G of 4G running memory is left, and only 4G of 8G running memory is left. In order to give mobile phone users a better experience, applications are constantly upgrading and upgrading, and the running memory occupation is also increasing. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the mobile phone in two or three years, it is recommended to purchase 8g running memory. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?