Is the era of full screen coming? Xiaomi brings out “Assassin’s mace”, the front camera is perfectly hidden!

Since some mobile phone manufacturers put forward the concept of true full screen, major mobile phone manufacturers have tried many screen design schemes based on their understanding of “full screen”, such as Liu Hai screen, water drop screen, lifting full screen and hole digging screen. The birth of these forms makes the proportion of front screen of mobile phone more and more high. In addition, the large-scale popularization of curved screen makes the front of mobile phone more and more More and more comprehensive screen design. < / P > < p > although it can avoid the phenomenon of “hole” on the screen, it will also bring many disadvantages: it takes up the internal space of the fuselage, the fuselage becomes heavier, and the structure is easy to get ash. Because of this, the hole digging design, which is compatible with high screen proportion and light weight, will replace it and become one of the main forms of mobile phone screen at present. < / P > < p > just today, the official publicity of Xiaomi has updated the off screen camera technology to the third generation, which has perfect display and self shooting effect. Moreover, Xiaomi also said that this technology will be officially produced and commercialized next year, bringing about a real full screen mobile phone. < / P > < p > from the preheating video of Xiaomi and the actual pictures of some media, this product is a magic modified version of Xiaomi 10’s supreme commemorative version. However, from the status bar at the top of the mobile phone, it can be inferred that the front camera is still in the upper left corner of the screen. Different from the Xiaomi 9 off screen camera version exposed last year, this product has a better visual quality. It is difficult for the naked eye to see the “hidden” front camera. In terms of display, it is almost the same as that of ordinary mobile phones. < / P > < p > the previous two generations of off screen camera technology also realized the operation of hiding the front camera under the screen, but in order to improve the image quality of the camera, it reduced the pixels of the camera screen area, which made the display effect of this area far different from other areas, and the screen integrity was very poor. < / P > < p > according to the explanation given by Xiaomi, Xiaomi adopts the self-developed pixel arrangement mode in the third generation of off screen camera technology, which lets the screen pass through the light through the gap area of sub-pixel, so that each unit pixel still retains the complete RGB sub-pixel display without sacrificing pixel density. Compared with the previous generation of solutions, the third generation of off screen camera technology can make the display effect of the camera area completely consistent with the normal area, and finally make the whole screen integrated. < / P > < p > in addition, judging from the self photos taken by Xiaomi employees, the self shooting effect of the third generation off screen camera is not much different from that of ordinary mobile phones. At least, the exposure, white balance and resolution of the pictures are relatively normal, and the display effect is not too bad. < / P > < p > in fact, many manufacturers are studying the technology of off screen camera. Previously, ZTE said that it would adopt the scheme of vicino to make its new axon 205g a mobile phone equipped with off screen camera technology on the market. However, whether there are differences in the screen display and whether they can reach the daily display level still need to be tested by the market. < / P > < p > the core part of the off screen camera is how to let the light pass through the screen, so that the front camera can realize imaging. In fact, this principle is very close to the off screen optical fingerprint technology that we often use. However, the camera for fingerprint identification under the optical screen is only to obtain the corresponding texture information from the image, not for imaging, so it requires very low image quality. The camera under the screen is used to take pictures, so the requirement of image quality is very high. < / P > < p > when the front camera is working, it is necessary that there is no occlusion in the visual range to form a high-definition picture. For example, if we stick a piece of poor quality mobile phone film on the front camera, it will also affect the effect of self portrait. When we plug the front camera into the screen, the screen will block the light of the camera. At the same time, the light emitted by the screen itself will also interfere with the imaging effect of the camera. Therefore, the problem of light transmittance has become the difficulty to hinder the popularization of camera technology under the mobile phone screen. < / P > < p > in front of the camera sensor, manufacturers also need to spend a lot of effort to customize and optimize, at least in terms of thickness to make it more thin in order to put it into the screen perfectly. Secondly, the imaging effect of the sensor should also be optimized to make the sensor obtain more light input, so as to ensure the imaging quality. < / P > < p > although some users said that it would be OK to remove the front camera, for most users, it is a habit to use the front camera for video calling and self shooting. Moreover, a series of sensors in the front camera are not only used for taking photos, but at least in a short period of time, the front camera can not be easily erased by the manufacturer. Xiaomi officially said that it would officially mass produce the products carrying the technology next year, while the famous news blogger @ digital chat station said that consumers could see this product as soon as possible in the first quarter of next year, and this technology is the most mature set of solutions in the industry. And @ digital chat station also said that the supplier of Xiaomi’s product was still csot, and the technology was developed jointly by the two companies. < / P > < p > at present, the screen manufacturers with off screen camera technology on the market are all from China. In recent two years, many domestic mobile phones have been equipped with these two screens, which indicates that the gap between domestic screens and international screens is getting smaller and smaller, and even has been successfully surpassed in some places. The deep cooperation between Xiaomi and csot indicates that the domestic screen will only develop better and better in the future. < / P > < p > in the past two years, we can clearly feel that the homogeneity of mobile phone hardware in the market is becoming more and more serious. In order to make their products more distinctive, both mobile phone manufacturers and supply chain have made every effort to make some differences in technology research and development. The improvement of core hardware has become very limited. Everyone is doing the cost-effective feature, and the actual effect is not as good as in previous years. Therefore, the off screen camera technology has become one of the efforts of domestic mobile phone manufacturers, and so is Xiaomi. It is estimated that the first beneficiary of the off screen camera technology is Xiaomi’s mix4. Speaking of the mix series, as the first batch of mobile phones with ultra-high screen proportion in China, the mix series has captured the hearts of many users with its unique design and excellent performance. It can be said that the comprehensive screen design is a brand of mix series. Mix series break more than two years, perhaps because they can not accept today’s special-shaped screen design, choose to wait until their own screen camera technology commercial production day, and then come out amazing four. As Lei Jun said, mix series represents Xiaomi’s spirit of constantly exploring the future. Starting from the amazing and comprehensive screen of mix1 generation, Xiaomi mix has always been on the road of exploring black technology and constantly trying. This series represents the highest level of Xiaomi technology and the highest concept of mobile phone industrial design. It symbolizes the high-end and future of Xiaomi. Commercial mass production of off screen camera technology may make the long silent mix series a blockbuster, and will also help Xiaomi gain a foothold in the high-end mobile phone market. According to Xiaomi’s financial report for the second quarter of 2020, the total sales volume of global smart phones is 28.3 million, and the average price of global smart phones has increased by 11.8% year-on-year, which is also the first time Xiaomi has successfully impacted on high-end products. But if you want to really get a foothold in the high-end mobile phone market, you need to continue to export some high-yield products, and mix series will become the second stepping stone of millet. < / P > < p > at present, real full screen has become a trend in the industry, and all manufacturers are pursuing this trend. Whoever can launch this technology can get more popularity. It is in such a high-pressure competitive environment that mobile phone manufacturers will strive to develop new technologies, which makes us closer to the real off screen camera and real full screen. New product launch