Is the full screen mobile phone coming? ZTE or the first off screen camera technology

With the differentiation of mobile phone products of major brands becoming smaller and smaller, the competition of mobile phone brands now is how to make the proportion of mobile phone screen more and more high, and it is best to achieve 100% full screen. According to the supply chain, off screen camera technology has been commercially available. Which manufacturer will launch the technology? Today, @ Zhong Wenze, a well-known digital blogger, has published a new poster of a mobile phone brand. The third eye of Erlang God in the poster is missing, suggesting the use of an off screen camera. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that the topic of “disappeared camera” also appeared on microblog. According to informed netizens, ZTE will launch the off screen camera technology. Before that, domestic screen manufacturer vicino just announced the first mass-produced off screen camera solution in June. Officials said that they had realized the world’s first off screen camera solution that reached the mass production application level. Later, some bloggers revealed that Huawei might be the first user of the off screen camera solution. Science Discovery