Is the iPhone 12 worth it? When Chinese academicians tell the truth of 5g, the superficial prosperity is really terrible

Apple’s new iPhone 12, which announced 5g support, has become a new propaganda point and has given more people an incentive to buy it. However, it was soon discovered that the 5g of Apple mobile phone is not a real 5g, but a 5g that can only be used under certain conditions. Is the iPhone 12 worth buying, which can’t fully support 5g? According to the Beijing News, Chinese academicians tell the truth behind 5g. The apparent prosperity of 5g is really terrible. Everyone bought the iPhone 12 early. Because the current 5g construction is quite immature, and there is no perfect service network like 4G, so even if you buy 5g mobile phones, your experience is very poor. As an expert in the field of communication, Wu Hequan pointed out the problems existing in the current 5g construction. It has been a whole year since China announced 5g commercial application. In this year, communication enterprises have made new exploration on 5g, and the number of new base stations has already exceeded 600000. However, this number is still too small for China. Only a few residents in developed cities can enjoy convenient 5g service. It took nearly 10 years for 4G to be fully popularized. Although the speed of technology change is speeding up now, it is estimated that it will take several years for 5g to be fully launched. Another problem with 5g is that it is too expensive for ordinary people to accept. On the market, 5g mobile phones are generally more expensive, so that many people have no desire to buy. The 5g package launched by operators also has this problem. When 5g can not be used anytime and anywhere, the package is still so expensive, and there are fewer people willing to pay. Because of the above factors, 5g has not entered the life of ordinary citizens. People often only hear about 5g, but have not actually used it. If we want the new generation of communication to play an important role, the price in the later stage must be reduced, otherwise most people would prefer to use 4G. At present, both government departments and communication enterprises agree that 5g needs a certain degree of advanced construction. Many people question that the government has spent so much money on 5g, but it has failed to let the people enjoy the benefits of construction. To this question, Wu Hequan also made an answer. He said that 5g application is an industry trend, and it will eventually replace 4G. Therefore, it is certain to increase capital investment, but in the early stage, it will lead to great financial pressure. However, after calculation, this kind of capital pressure can be borne by enterprises and the government, and will not affect the overall situation. After a few years, the speed of capital return will be accelerated. < / P > < p > although the current 5g construction has encountered some setbacks, it has not affected everyone’s enthusiasm for 5g, because we all think that with the continuous improvement of infrastructure, 5g in the future will have a bright future. 5g’s future application is first reflected in the digital economy, among which the most anticipated is digital currency. China is vigorously promoting the digital currency program, which is closely related to the construction of 5g. 5g can provide a more efficient and secure transmission environment for digital currency, making digital currency transaction more reliable. With the development of science and technology, we will see specific cases of the combination of digital currency and 5g, which may completely change the way of trading in the future. < / P > < p > the general public will also benefit from the development of 5g, among which the most obvious change is the faster Internet access. In the 5g pilot, many people have already experienced this. In the past, it may take several hours to download a movie, but it may only take a few seconds under 5g state, which greatly improves the efficiency of everyone’s Internet access. In addition, when the future communication network construction is completed, you can also experience the real interconnection of all things, which is one of the benefits that 5g brings to us. In the future, we will be able to control smart devices in our home by using mobile phones to connect these devices into a network and provide better services. In short, the era of 5g is just beginning, and it will bring us more surprises. Continue Readinggather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?