Is vivo X50 PRO + really easy to use? 120Hz high brush endurance, long to outrageous

For today’s urban young men and women, the sense of security not only comes from the bank card balance, but also from the abundant power of mobile phones. Nowadays, the mobile phone is not only a simple communication tool, but also used in our work and life. Whether it is to transfer files, scan files, travel, pay, take photos, etc., we need the mobile phone to have excellent endurance. If the mobile phone is not powered on the way out, it is simply impossible to move. The recently launched “vivo X50” has attracted much attention. The author starts with vivo X50 PRO +, which is the “Super Cup” in this series. How is its performance? < / P > < p > in order to meet the user’s demand for battery life, vivo X50 PRO + is equipped with a 4350 MAH battery, which is in the forefront of the flagship mobile phone camp and can basically meet the user’s daily use. The mobile phone of mobile phone tiktok vivo X50 Pro+ has a relatively long endurance. The latest test results released by the hot blog of the famous blogger Xiao Bai evaluation show that the video playback, micro-blog, jitter, and total use of the mobile phone are five hours at the high refresh rate of 120Hz, and the remaining capacity of the mobile phone is 43%. < / P > < p > although the overall ranking is not at the top of the list, considering that the battery capacity of the previous mobile phones is larger, and the residual power of vivo X50 PRO + is not far behind that of other mobile phones after the heavy endurance test, which is enough to prove how strong the endurance capability of this mobile phone is. In the current 5g mobile phone market, vivo X50 PRO + has obvious competitive advantages and is more popular with consumers. Moreover, this endurance capability can fully meet the daily use of heavy users without affecting their daily use. If you just use your mobile phone to watch the news, browse the web, and so on, users can charge once every two days. < / P > < p > plus this phone supports 44w ultra fast flash charging, which can quickly return blood. When the power of the mobile phone is 0%, 62% of the power can be charged in 30 minutes. But in real life, we don’t wait until the power of the mobile phone is completely exhausted before charging, so we need a shorter charging time. Using the time of washing in the morning can make the mobile phone return to the full blood state, which will not affect the daily use. In addition, this mobile phone is also equipped with the Qualcomm snapdragon 865, which has better control and optimization of the power consumption of the mobile phone, as well as the powerful algorithm of vivo, which can further control the power consumption of the mobile phone and meet the users’ daily use. < / P > < p > in addition to providing users with long-term life, this mobile phone also has a bright spot, which is a 120Hz high refresh rate screen, so users can enjoy a smoother display effect. Compared with the traditional 60Hz refresh rate screen, the 120Hz high refresh rate screen can display 120 frames per second, which makes the screen display smoother and avoids the problems of shadowing. < / P > < p > in daily use, you can have a more fluent visual experience when browsing the web, shopping, and brushing the micro blog, and the screen display effect is better. When watching TV dramas and competitive sports, it can display more details, and users can see more wonderful pictures. Especially when playing the game, the advantage is more obvious, especially when running, the characters can have a more fluent picture when moving, which avoids the cartoon feeling of loading the moving picture of the characters, and the characters are more fluent when getting on and off the car, flashing shooting, and the operation is more follow-up, so the experience degree has been further improved. < / P > < p > in a word, vivo X50 PRO + has excellent performance. It has a very strong endurance and a 120Hz high refresh rate screen to provide a more brilliant display. In addition, this mobile phone also has a very professional photography ability, with 50 megapixel main camera and super clear 100 million mode. It has higher resolution and can present clearer and more detailed pictures. Moreover, with the adjustment of vivo, this mobile phone can easily control all shooting scenes and meet all the needs of users. The vivo X50 PRO + mobile phone can meet all the imagination of the users for the flagship mobile phone. If you have the need to change the phone recently, it’s better to consider this mobile phone and experience the experience of the king of endurance under the high refresh rate screen. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer