Isn’t the iPhone 12 the best choice? These Android flagship are more worthy of attention!

In the early morning of October 14, apple officially released the new iPhone 12 series, as well as the homepod mini and MagSafe series of magnetic suction accessories. Among them, the iPhone 12 series not only adopts a new exterior design, but also brings many innovations to users, such as apple proraw, super ceramic crystal panel, sensor displacement OIS, etc. < / P > < p > however, the hardware stack of the iPhone 12 series is a little inadequate compared with other Android new models released in October. The most typical example is memory. Today, Android phones have a maximum memory of 16GB, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max has only 6GB of memory. < / P > < p > in fact, in addition to the iPhone 12 series, Huawei mate40 series, Yijia 8t, nut R2, Sony Xperia 1 II / Xperia 5 II International Edition, Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe 5g and Xiaomi 10t series were also released in October. Although some models are not Android flagship, some of them can be benchmarked or even better than the iPhone 12 series. < / P > < p > for a long time, the image system has been the main selling point of Huawei mobile phones. Although the mate40 series has not been released yet, combined with the information disclosed at present, compared with the previous generation, the mate40 series has a qualitative improvement in image, especially the mate40 RS Porsche Design. < / P > < p > it has been reported that the mate40 RS has six holes in the rear of the design, which correspond to 50mp main camera, 20MP ultra wide angle lens, 2MP middle end lens, 8mp periscope telephoto lens, TOF lens, temperature sensor, color temperature sensor and LED flash. < / P > < p > in terms of paper parameters, the mate40 RS rear camera designed by Porsche can be said to be quite fierce, and the built-in temperature sensor in the lens module can also be used to measure the body temperature or the surface temperature of objects. < / P > < p > while the iPhone 12 Pro Max rear lens is a combination of 12MP ultra wide angle + 12MP wide angle + 12MP long focus lens, plus a lidar lidar. Although the pixel height and the number of lenses do not affect the image quality, the advantage of high pixels is that you can take a larger size picture, and the picture will still be clear after zooming in. A large number of lenses means that the wider the focal length is covered and more functions can be supported. < / P > < p > in terms of photo taking ability, the iPhone 12 series may be weaker than the mate 40 series, but apple can make up for the hardware gap through algorithms, just like Google pixel series. < / P > < p > although Yijia is not the first manufacturer to apply high refresh rate to mobile screen, it has made this technology popular. One plus 8t adopts a flexible AMOLED perforated screen, supports 120Hz refresh rate and pixel density of 402ppi. There is no doubt that the quality of the iPhone 12 series screen is very high, which can be said to be the top a + screen in the industry. However, the lack of high refresh rate may be the biggest regret of the iPhone 12 series. < / P > < p > it was previously reported that Apple’s difficulties in driving IC may lead to the failure of the 120Hz screen of the iPhone 12 series. There is also speculation in the industry that apple is considering the battery life of its mobile phone. After all, the iPhone 12 Pro Max only has a 3687mah battery. < / P > < p > in addition, nut R2 is equipped with a storage combination of up to 16GB + 512gb. Even if the iPhone 12 is equipped with 512gb of storage, the maximum memory is only 6GB.

is worth mentioning that nut R2 has adopted a five dimensional cooling scheme. According to official accounts, the mobile phone has a large number of hot plate, graphene, heat dissipating gel and other materials, so as to help mobile phone to heat up better. The iPhone 12 still doesn’t use graphene and liquid cooling, but is controlled by the power consumption of the phone chip. < / P > < p > the Sony Xperia 1 II / Xperia 5 II model should be regarded as a clean stream in the whole mobile phone industry. With a 21:9 hairtail screen, how many mobile phones use this proportion of screen, and Xperia 1 II is still a 4K HDR screen. < / P > < p > of course, the screen is only one of the selling points of Xperia 1 II. I feel that the highlight of these two mobile phones lies in the integration of the technologies of various departments of Sony. No matter how the experience is, at least it looks very good. For example, Sony’s X1 image chip, which is only available on Sony’s battery, has made a mobile version for you; the movie master and photographer’s two apps are not only professional in name, but also similar to Sony’s professional cameras and cameras in the whole interactive interface. It is hard to say that the iPhone 12 series is not as good as Sony’s “mark rabbit” series, but Apple has cancelled the 3.5mm earphone hole. Sony Xperia 1 II has a variety of audio optimization technologies. In terms of the sound quality of listening to songs, Sony “mackerel” may be better at it. < / P > < p > we can think of Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe 5g as the youth version of Galaxy S20 series, just like Xiaomi 10 youth version. The positioning of this model is similar to that of the iPhone 12, with colorful colors. The difference is that the price of the galaxy S20 Fe 5g is lower than that of the iPhone 12, the front camera is as high as 32 million pixels, and the punching scheme accounts for a higher proportion of the bangs design screen of the iPhone 12. < / P > < p > using iPhone 12 for self shooting, due to the 12 megapixel camera, the resolution power may be weaker than that of Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe 5g. On October 1, Xiaomi released a series of new 10t machines overseas. Among them, Xiaomi 10t adopts a 144hz OLED screen, and the rear main camera is 100 million pixels. It is equipped with a high pass snapdragon 865 processor and a maximum of 12gb + 256gb storage combination. Xiaomi 10t Pro has a camera with higher configuration, and its battery capacity has been upgraded to 5000mAh. I believe that even moderate users can charge twice a day. It is reported that the domestic version will be renamed redmi k30s series. < / P > < p > however, only the battery capacity of Pro max of iPhone 12 series exceeds 3000mAh. Although the power consumption can be reduced by controlling chip and 5g power consumption, it is still a little difficult to accept the battery capacity of iPhone 12 series. Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing