Israeli Prime Minister asked Ma Yun: can’t we buy this missile on Taobao? The witty answer is admirable

Today, China’s military and economic development is extremely rapid, which makes the world sigh. The national defense strength of the country is becoming stronger and stronger, and the people live a stable and harmonious life. However, while pursuing high-quality life, our life has become more convenient. For example, the opening of high-speed rail and airplanes makes people travel smoothly. More importantly, online shopping and scanning code payment make people’s life more and more convenient. Here, we have to mention Ma Yun. < p > < p > as the richest man in Asia and the founder of Alibaba group, Ma Yun founded Taobao has businesses from all walks of life on Taobao. It can basically meet people’s shopping needs. On Taobao, there are only things you can’t think of and nothing you can’t buy. However, there are always some people who like to get into trouble. The Israeli prime minister once had an “awkward chat” with Ma Yun: can’t we buy this missile on Taobao? Ma Yun’s witty answer is admirable, let the audience praise. < p > < p > previously, Ma Yun took his team to Israel to communicate with local enterprises, including military enterprises. Due to Ma Yun’s great influence in the world, the Israeli Prime Minister personally received Ma Yun. After issuing such a question, Ma Yun replied with a smile: “there is no arms trade on Taobao, but the materials needed for these weapons can be bought basically.” Ma Yun’s answer is neither humble nor arrogant, but also highlights his high Eq. < / P > < p > although there is exaggeration in such a statement, such an answer is not out of proportion. After all, arms trading is not an ordinary commodity. It can be seen that Ma Yun’s answer not only clearly indicates China’s position of banning arms trafficking and successfully resolves the embarrassing situation, but also publicizes Taobao. Ma Yun not only does a solid job in this field, but also speaks very beautiful, which is one of the reasons why Ma Yun can make Alibaba bigger and stronger. < p > < p > in this regard, netizens also commented: “Ma Yun’s answer is really brilliant. His words and deeds represent the image of the Chinese people. Once again, he has made a face for the Chinese people and praised him.” Some netizens joked: “you can open an arms zone in Alibaba, with the slogan of” the first online missile mall is online, and the Prime Minister of Israel introduces missiles online. “. I have to say, the comments of netizens are too interesting. What do you think? Older posts →