Israeli Prime Minister asked Ma Yun: can’t you buy missiles on Taobao? Look at Ma Yun’s witty answer

When it comes to the portable life of Chinese people, the most enviable point of foreign friends is that there must be online shopping. Even if there is no such Shopping Festival as “618” and “double 11”, there are a lot of online shopping among Chinese people in weekdays. Today’s online shopping, Taobao must be the most well-known existence. As an e-commerce platform involving a wide range of aspects, Taobao’s products seem to be only unexpected to you, without what you can’t buy. Because of this label, when Ma Yun met with the Israeli Prime Minister, he was asked a question that was not easy to return: can’t Taobao buy missiles? Ma Yun’s witty answer shows emotional intelligence and wins applause! < p > < p > as a well-known big man in the business circle, Ma Yun has been exposed to many human shapes, colors and colors, and has experienced many scenes. Obviously, the question asked by the Israeli Prime Minister is not easy to answer, so when everyone was sweating for him, Ma Yun replied calmly: Taobao is a legitimate business. China forbids the sale of arms, so missiles can’t be bought. However, if the parts made by missiles are made, Taobao can buy them. < / P > < p > I have to say, the boss is the boss after all! Ma Yun has been in the market for so many years. This answer not only shows his wit, but also shows his emotional intelligence, and avoids the embarrassing situation. After all, Ma Yun, as a representative of China’s business tycoon, will meet with a heavyweight in a country. In a word, it will become a model to be praised. On the contrary, it is easy to become an international joke. But obviously, Ma Yun’s answer is to give full credit! Of course, there is a saying that although Ma Yun’s sentence that all the parts for making missiles can be bought from Taobao, there is a lot of exaggeration, but this is not added. After all, some things look ordinary in life, but can glow in another field! Finally, I have to sigh: Ma Yun’s EQ is really high, worthy of being a business magnate! New product launch