It dropped to 1716 yuan, 90hz + dual mode 5g + 4000mAh + 4800000 3 photos, but it is still no one interested

Now, due to the maturity of 5g technology, many consumers begin to pursue cost-effective mobile phones, hoping to get the most extreme experience through low prices. Glory X10 and Hongmi 10x are such cost-effective mobile phones with low price and outstanding configuration, which are welcomed by many consumers. The glory 30 Youth Edition, which belongs to glory, is not so lucky. Although it has a high refresh rate of 90hz and dual-mode six frequency technology, it is still not recognized and liked by many consumers. Now glory 30 youth version has to be reduced to 1716 yuan on the third-party platform, but it still can’t be sold, and no one is interested in it. The reason why the glory 30 Youth Edition is not popular is because it is too much cutting corners. Although the screen supports 90hz refresh rate, it is only a 6.5-inch LCD screen. The screen material is poor, the resolution is not high, and it is unable to display a clearer detail picture. In terms of performance, it is even more disappointing. Instead of carrying its own Kirin series processor, it is equipped with Tianji 800 processor. The processor itself is not stable, and it consumes more energy, which is extremely poor. Once the task of energy consumption is run, the mobile phone is easy to get stuck. Glory 30 youth version design is also more conservative, there is no bright spot. < p > < p > the camera is supposed to be the killer of the glory 30 youth version, but the glory 30 youth version is not well done, with 48 megapixel main camera + 8 million pixel wide angle + 2 million pixel macro distance. Although it supports 4K video shooting, the imaging quality is not high, and it is at a disadvantage in the perspective shooting. But now for the charging power, friends are very attentive, and glory 30 youth version only supports 22.5w cable fast charging, charging speed is very slow, the vast majority of consumers are difficult to accept. There are also glory 30 youth version of the design is more conservative, there are not many new features, naturally value the beauty of consumers will not buy. < / P > < p > as we all know, the mobile phones launched by glory in the market in the past two years are very good in the market. Even this year, many 5g mobile phones have achieved a high sales volume, but the glory 30 Youth Edition is a failure, both in terms of reputation and efficiency. In addition, due to the serious reduction of glory 30 Youth Edition, even if the recent price reduction sales or not many consumers like. In general, the glory 30 youth version has not been carefully designed, and the configuration of the whole mobile phone saves a lot of necessary configuration, which makes it a 5g mobile phone with no inflow. For the glory of the 30 youth version of the shortcomings, I believe that through the introduction of the small editor, we all understand that the glory 30 youth version must be cautious. The same price of 1716 yuan, you can buy a better 5g cost-effective mobile phone. New product launch