It is not advisable to destroy students’ mobile phones in public

Recently, a video of five students in a middle school in Henan Province destroying their mobile phones in public has aroused heated discussion among netizens. In the video, five students stand in front of more than 1000 teachers and students, throwing their mobile phones into the bucket one after another. School leaders explained that the mobile phones students brought to the school must be handed over to the teaching director. If they are found playing quietly, they will guide the students to destroy them. This time, parents of students voluntarily supported the destruction of mobile phones. In the face of the strong regulations of the school, which parents dare not support? Although schools do this for the purpose of educating students, the way is extreme and should not be taken. According to Jiang, there are at least five problems: < / P > < p > first, the destruction of students’ mobile phones is suspected of infringing upon other people’s private property. Schools have no right to damage the private property of students and their parents. To deal with students’ violation of school rules by means of violating the law is essentially to put the school regulations above the national laws. Although trying to use a sentence “parents also support” in exchange for immunity, but as a professional teaching and educating institutions, the cart before the horse, the weight is reversed. < / P > < p > Second, students make mistakes. What the school should do is to help them correct their mistakes. The destruction of mobile phones is a temporary cure rather than a permanent cure. Injustice has its head, debt has its owner, mobile phone is just a tool, itself innocent. What schools should do is to correctly guide students how to use mobile phones, instead of destroying them rudely. If destroying mobile phones is education, then parents can do it. Can people send their children to school? Students who don’t care about their study can buy another one if they destroy a mobile phone. Instead of destroying the mobile phone, the school should guide the students so that the children are really willing to learn and really put down the mobile phone. Thirdly, destroying students’ mobile phones in public will damage children’s dignity and transmit wrong values. In June this year, a schoolboy in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, was punished by a teacher in front of the whole class. The shamed child jumped over the railing and fell to death. People have dignity, and students are no exception. For several students who destroyed their mobile phones, in front of the teachers and students in the school, they acted as the paradoxical model of being exposed to the public. What kind of shadow would happen to their hearts when their faces and dignity disappeared? However, for thousands of students who witnessed the whole process, they received the “obedience” education that “dignity is not important”, and they were passed the wrong values. < / P > < p > Fourth, the extreme method of destroying mobile phones is used to prohibit students from touching mobile phones, which sends the wrong signal that “violence can solve problems”. In essence, it is to solve education problems with violence. The violence education of destroying mobile phones may cause students to have the wrong idea that “violent coercion is the most effective” and that violence can solve difficult problems. Campus is a pure land, so we should keep away from violence under any circumstances. Many campus violence originates from adult society. We should never let children feel the oppression of violence and power within the campus and from the school administrators! In education, it is simple and crude. On the surface, it is effective in the short term and partially, but in fact it is harmful in the long run and the whole. < / P > < p > fifthly, under the background of rapid development of science and technology, is mobile phone really worthless? With the rapid development of society, it is inevitable for students to contact with mobile phones and other electronic products. During the epidemic period, mobile phones have become the standard configuration for students’ online classes. Now they have to destroy their mobile phones? The Internet plus in the light of its general trend is that when mobile phone can be used and when it can not be used, flexible management and timely guidance are what schools should do, not what they want to do, because they are choking on food and barbaric. In the end, Lao Jiang would like to say that in education management, it is better to “block” education than to “dredge up”. There is an old saying: “ten years of trees, a hundred years of people.” Education has always been a matter of urgency, not to seek immediate results, do not rush for quick success and instant benefits, only “the education that touches the heart is effective”, can let the trickle of education penetrate into the students’ hearts bit by bit, so as to give the students real and healthy growth! Science Discovery